WingHouse Bar and Grill Menu Prices

WingHouse Bar and Grill Menu Prices

WingHouse Bar and Grill The WingHouse Bar & Grill started as the Wing House, a restaurant in Largo, Florida that Crawford Ker became part-owner of in 1994. But the name was changed to reflect its new thrust – to become a restaurant that offers delicious chicken wings and alcoholic beverages in a casual atmosphere.

WingHouse Bar

The chicken wings are the bestselling items on the menu, thanks to their crispy skin, succulent meats, and savory sauces. The relatively budget-friendly WingHouse Bar and Grill prices make it possible to enjoy as many chicken wings as you can eat, as well as your favorite drink with it. These are available in several varieties, such as the Original Chicken Wings, the Char-Grilled Wings, the Naked Chicken Wings, and the Buffalo Chicken Wings.WingHouse Bar and Grill

Aside from the favorite American food and drinks, the restaurants are popular because of the fun and friendly yet efficient services rendered by the attractive Wing House girls. Great customer service, after all, is an important component of your dining experience at a WingHouse Bar & Grill restaurant.

Above are the latest WingHouse Bar and grill menu prices.


Picked For You

 Original Chicken Wings – 10 $14.76
 Buffalo Chicken Wings – 10 $14.76
 Original Chicken Wings – 20 $27.26

Popular Items

 Half Rack Ribs $16.66
 Big Daddy’s Black & Bleu $14.94

Kids Meals

Cheese Quesadilla $4.99
Wings $5.55
Mac & Cheese $4.99
 Sliders $4.99


 Cheesy Bacon Potato Skins $8.77


 Fried Pickle Chips $7.97
 Onion Rings $8.30
 Chicken Strips $11.35
 Cheese Sticks $8.53
 Buffalo Chicken Dip $10.34
 Saucy Buffalo Shrimp $12.51
 Pretzel Bites $9.70
 Texas Chili $4.50
 Texas Chili – Cup $4.59
 Grouper Bites $12.64
 Texas Chili – Bowl $6.89
 WingHouse Quesadilla $9.89
 WingHouse Quesadilla – Veggie $10.34
 WingHouse Quesadilla – Pulled Smoked Chicken $13.79
 Pulled Chicken Nachos $11.49
 WingHouse Quesadilla – Steak $13.79
 WingHouse Quesadilla – Grilled Shrimp $16.09
 Signature Nachos $10.34
 Smokin’ BBQ Tots $9.19
 Loaded Tots $9.19
 Spinach Artichoke Dip $9.76


 Tater Tots $4.54
 Curly Fries $4.54
 Steak Fries $4.54
 Steamed Broccoli $4.49
 WingHouse Slaw $4.49


 Boneless Wings $12.56
 Original Chicken Wings – 50 $62.49
 Buffalo Chicken Wings – 20 $27.26
 Naked Chicken Wings – 10 $15.90
 Buffalo Chicken Wings – 50 $62.49


 Buffalo Chicken Wrap $13.15
 Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.64
 Buffalo Shrimp Wrap $13.37


 WingHouse Salad $9.20
 Caesar Salad $9.15
 Spinach Salad $10.32
 Buffalo Chicken Salad $12.44
 Asian Chicken Salad $12.28


 Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich $13.12
 Philly Cheese Steak $13.21
 Grouper Sandwich $17.13
 Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich $12.59
 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $12.99
 The Chick Next Door $14.29
 Crispy Cod Sandwich $11.85
 Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich $13.79


 Cheeseburger Sliders $12.06
 Crispy Cod Sliders $13.76
 Philly Cheesesteak Sliders $13.21
 Pulled Chicken Sliders $12.06

Wing it at Home Meal Deals!

 Wing Pack Combo $9.99
 All American Cheeseburger Combo $19.99
 Wrap It Up Combo $24.99
 Pick 2 $29.99


 All American Cheeseburger $12.35
 All American Cheeseburger Burger $12.64
 Blacksmith Bacon Burger with tots $13.85
 Blacksmith Bacon Burger $14.36
 All American Burger with tots $11.35
 Big Daddy’s Black & Blue $14.94
 Big Daddy’s Black & Blue Burger with tots $13.85
 WingHouse Sliders $10.42
 Blazin’ Burger $14.94


 Chicken Tacos $11.88
 Grilled Grouper Tacos $13.99
 Grilled Shrimp Tacos $13.99


 Half Rack of Ribs $16.66
 Full Rack of Ribs $26.44
 Fisherman’s Fish & Chips $14.36
 Korean BBQ Ribs Basket $13.79
 Pork Wings Basket $10.99


 Salted Caramel Cheesecake $6.85
 Three Layer Chocolate Cake $6.89


Soda $3.91
 Red Bull Sugarfree $3.75
Bottled Water $2.79
Ice Tea $4.00
Iced Tea $3.91
 Red Bull $3.75
 Lemonade $3.85
 Beverage $4.00
 Raspberry Iced Tea $4.00
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WingHouse Bar and Grill Menu Prices


in 1994 Crawford Ker invested 50 percent ownership in the Wing House, a Largo in Florida. The restaurant had a wing-centric menu which was at the time mimicked the famous Hooters chain. He made sure that the environment was designed to be a place for families, even when alcohol was served.

There are now at least 25 dining establishments, employing about 1700 employees. The Wing House costs remain relatively stable throughout the years with only a slight increase to reflect the rising cost of living. This means you can give your whole group an entire meal, without having to use up your credit cards.

What They’re Famous For

Wing House Wing House chain of casual dining establishments is known for two reasons. First, they are the Wing House girls aren’t just beautiful, but they’re as well-mannered, friendly, and aware of the chain’s menu and offerings. The chicken wings are well-known for their succulent, juicy, and delicious flavor, both whether or not sauces are added.

Why Eat Here

Once you step into a Wing House restaurant, the first thing you’ll see will be your fellow Wing House girls and we aren’t blaming you for it. The girls – women of adulthood are, in fact, are selected because of their mix of attractive looks and friendly personalities, especially in their warm, attentive, and professional customer service. Diners can count on them to welcome patrons, serve food on their tables, as well as provide the small extra tasks which help make Wing House such a cool place to hang out for families and friends.

The chain is still serving near-perfect or even near-perfect chicken wings served with 19 sauces. Chicken wings are voted to be the best wings too, so they’re always the top reasons to return for more and another time to eateries. The options for chicken wings include:

  • “The Original Chicken Wings, the perfectly-crafted, lightly-breaded wings that earned the name Wing House.
  • It’s the Char-Grilled Wings, the wings are marinated and then grilled, drizzled with barbecue sauce, or rubbed with a rub of lemon pepper prior to grilling. The wait could be longer but it’s something you can accept since each bite is delicious.
  • It’s the Buffalo Chicken Wings, the famous fried chicken wings, topped by your favorite Wing House sauce.
  • They are Naked Chicken Wings, the chicken wings that are cooked and marinated without crust and breading.

There might be only four kinds of chicken wings available on the menu, but the sheer number of sauces and rubs that are available make them appear abundant. There are a variety of sauces to choose from: Mild Sauce, which has mild spice and sweet taste; Dallas, a sauce created with honey barbecue, sweet brown sugar House on Fire, a sauce that is hot and burning gradually in your mouth. Sweet Thai Chili, a sauce that has a mix of spicy chili and sweet flavor.WingHouse Bar and Grill Other options include Mango Habanero Exxxtreme, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, Blackened, and Lemon Pepper.

The sauces are the topping to the cake in a sense. The intense flavors of chicken wings come from the rubs that are used The rubs include Blackened, with its rich, yet balanced flavor; Chipotle that has an earthy spice; Ranch Chipotle with a smokey ranch flavor; and Sriracha, with the sweet, tangy flavor.

If you decide to order chicken wings You can request any sauces that you wish to pour onto your order. You can then play around with a variety of rubs and sauces, so every visit will feel like the first. Of course, you can keep to your favorite recipes, but the point is cooking and experimentation, so try it! The wings can be ordered in pieces.

However, chicken wings aren’t only the mainstay of the Wing House menu. Other options on the menu are fresh and healthy salads tacos seafood, burgers, and even baby back ribs which are available on a regular basis, in addition to seasonal menu items. You’ll be back for more food because they are simply amazing enough to not miss.

While enjoying your meal while eating, you can watch the action in local and national sporting events. Restaurants are strategically placed with high-definition televisions with flat screens that stream different sports, including boxing UFC in addition to WWE.

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