Wild Wing Cafe Menu Prices-2021

Wild Wing Cafe Menu

Wild Wing Cafe Menu: If Americans seek to unwind, their most likely food choices will include freshly cooked wings from chicken and ice-cold beers, particularly in the summertime.

 What better place to indulge in both than at a Wild Wing Cafe restaurant? You’ll appreciate the warm and warm service of the crew members and the vast selection of tasty drinks and meals available at Wild Wing Cafe Menu.

In the year Cecil, as well as Diane Crowley, established Wild Wing Cafe in 1990, they dreamed of the concept of a restaurant with delicious chicken wings that were hot, cold beer, and good times and this is the company’s mantra since! With more than 30 locations – and counting – the company is rapidly becoming an important actor in the wings-centric market Wild Wing Cafe Menu.

Wild Wing Cafe Menu

The chicken wings are appreciated by their huge slices, crisp skin, and delicious meat, that sauces may be unnecessary, but because they are Buffalo wings sauces are mandatory.

 While eating the wings, you can catch sports-related shows on the big televisions that are on the walls or simply take in the food and drinks with your companions.

 Yes, Wild Wing Cafe prices are affordable. Wild Wing Cafe prices are reasonable enough to enjoy a meal there at least once per week.

Chicken wings are an innovative American invention but they have certainly entered the realm of traditional American cuisines of comfort.

 When Buffalo wings are consumed, these tasty delights are sometimes referred to when served with cold beverages and warm friends and the result is a great time with family and friends Wild Wing Cafe Menu.

Its popularity within the competitive market for chicken wings shouldn’t be a surprise given that it combines the three components that are delicious chicken wings, cold beers, and a warm ambiance – within its eateries. 

The chain is a leading player in the chicken-wings-centric segment in the southern and southeastern areas in the United States.

Below are the most recent Wild Wing Cafe menu prices.


Family Meal Deal

Meal Deal with Two Salads and 2 Large Sides
 Rib and Wing Deal $25.00

Popular Items

 Buffarella $9.34

Gift Cards

$10, $20, $30, $40, $50 Gift Cards
 $25 Gift Card $25.00
 $50 Gift Card $50.00


Chicken Crust or Traditional Crust
 Traditional Crust – Spinach and Mushroom Pizza 16 inch $16.99
 Chicken Crust – Buffalo Chicken Pizza Single $12.99
 Traditional Crust – Pepperoni Pizza 16 Inch $16.99
 Chicken Crust – BBQ Chicken Pizza Single $12.99
 Traditional Crust – Cheese Pizza 16 Inch $16.99
 Traditional Crust – BBQ Chicken Pizza 16 Inch $16.99
Chicken Crust – Buffalo Chicken Pizza LARGE! $16.99
Traditional Crust – BBQ Chicken Pizza Single $12.99
Chicken Crust – BBQ Chicken Pizza LARGE! $12.99
Traditional Crust – Cheese Pizza Single $12.99
Traditional Crust – Spinach and Mushroom Pizza Single $12.99
 Traditional Crust – Buffalo Chicken Pizza 16 Inch $16.99
 Traditional Crust – Buffalo Chicken Pizza Single $12.99
Traditional Crust – Pepperoni Pizza Single $12.99

Signature Starters

Starters only at The Wing!
 Big Catch Giant Pretzel $9.99
 Hot Shots $6.96
 Flash Fried Green Beans $9.99
 World-Class Cheese Curds $10.99
 Buffalo Shrimp $9.00
 Buff Chips $5.28
 David’s Chicken and Friends $10.09
 Steel Town Spuds $7.09
 David’s Chicken & Friends $10.04

Awesome Salads

 Legendary House Salad $4.83
 The Big Buffalo Chicken Salad $10.60
 The Wild Chef Salad $12.36
 Totally Terrific Thai Chicken Salad $9.76
 The Wild Chef $11.66
 Incredible Chargrilled Chicken Salad $10.96
 Fajita Fiesta Salad $10.49

Superior Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with big fat fries or one exciting extra.
 Drew’s Devilishly Delicious Fried Chicken Sandwich $9.18
 Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich $9.52
 The Big Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $9.26
 Ol’ Girthy $9.47
 Fabulous Philly Hoagie $9.02
 Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich $8.55
 Texas Toast Club $8.99


Our grass-fed 100% Angus chuck burgers are cooked to order & served with big fat fries or one exciting extra.
 Bacon, Egg & Cheeseburger $11.22
 Impossible Burger $11.25
 The Big Beefy Burger $15.74
 Holy Jalapeño Burger $11.38
 The Great Gobbler Turkey Burger $9.03

Build Yourself A Beauty

Build Yourself A Beauty $8.22

Fiesta Fare

We think they’re numero uno!
 Mile High Ultimate Nachos $11.78
 Srirachos $11.35
 BBQ Chicken Nachos $10.82
 Chicken Quesadilla $8.71
 Veggie Quesadilla $8.25
 Srirachos™ $12.00

Finger Food

 Sliders $7.99
 Peeps $7.55
 Little B’s $8.14
 Fried Shroom $6.99
 Onion Rings $6.57
 Basket Of Spuds $4.21
 Mighty Mozzarella Sticks $7.04
 Pretzel Bites $5.74
 Fried Shrooms $7.11

Wild Wraps

All wraps served with big fat fries or one exciting extra.
 Fajita Fiesta Wrap $9.24
 Buffarella Wrap $9.38
 The Turkey G.l.t $8.92


All served with warm tortilla chips.
 Spinach Dip $7.20
 Buffalo Chicken $8.55
 Buffalo Chicken Dip $7.82
 Grande Queso $9.60
 Fresh Guacamole $7.29
 The Triple Dipper $9.78

The Super Snacker Sampler

 The Super Snacker Sampler $13.85
 Snacker Sampler $13.49

Chef Zach Classics

Our Heartier Dinner Items
 Catfish and Chips $14.99

Wings & Nuggets

All of our chicken = hormone-free & steroid-free. Pair that with our wings being fresh & never frozen, our nuggets being hand breaded plus all those sauces being made from scratch, and you’ll be saying “Wild Wing…I think I love ya!”
 Combo $13.49


 Fiesta Rice $2.09
Mac & Cheese $1.99

Wild Child

All meals include a drink and one side
 Cheesy Pizza Pie $4.99
 Wild Child Nuggets $4.99
 Wild Child Wings $4.99
 Grilled Chicken $5.32
 Cheese Quesadilla $5.07
 All American Corn Dog Bites $5.14
 Fried Shrimp $5.14
 Little Clucker Fingers $5.13

Party Platters and Catering

Catering sized items
 Salsa- Quart $17.00
 Buffalo Chicken Dip – Quart $22.00
 Cold Spinach Dip – Quart $21.00
 Hot Spinach Dip – Quart $22.00
 Large Catering Tater Tots $10.00
 Large Catering Fat Fries $10.00
 Large Catering House Chips $15.00
 Deli Club Wrap Platter $32.00
 Turkey GLT Wrap Platter $32.00
 Veggie Wrap Platter $30.00

Grilled Lighter Options

Saucy originals.
 Char-Grilled Chicken Feathers $8.52
 Chargrilled Chicken Feathers $9.29
Chargrilled Shrimp Skewers $11.69
 4 Feathers $9.07
6 Feathers $11.57

Beer and Wine

PICKUP ONLY – Can Not Deliver
 Jug O’Beer $10.00
 Mystery Beer Bottle $1.00
Mystery Beer Can $1.00
 Heineken Bottle $1.00
 Michelob Ultra Bottle $1.00
 Corona Bottle $1.00
 Amstel Light Bottle $1.00
 Babe Pinot Grigio Can $1.00
 Miller Lite Bottle $1.00
 Babe Rose Can $1.00
 Budweiser Bottle $1.00
Babe Red Can $1.00
 Coors Light Bottle $1.00
 Bottle of House Red Wine $5.00
 Bottle of House White Wine $5.00


Soda, Water, and Iced Tea
 Coke – Fountain $2.99
 Diet Coke – Fountain $2.99
 Sprite – Fountain $2.99
 Ginger Ale- Fountain $2.99
 Sweet Tea – Fountain $2.99
 Unsweetened Tea – Fountain $2.99
 Bottled Water $1.99

Burgers & Sandwiches

 The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger $11.38
 Bacon, Egg, and Cheeseburger $11.54
 Nashville Fried Chicken $9.99
 Catfish Sandwich $5.00
 Bleu Cheese Basil Burger $11.31
 Honey BBQ Chicken Toasty $9.99


Brunch Available Saturday and Sunday from Open until 4:00 PM
 Chicken and Waffles $12.99
 Big Breakfast Sandwich $9.99
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In the summer of 1990, Cecil and Diane Crowley began their very first Wild Wing Cafe in Hilton Head, South Carolina with the slogan “Hot Wings, Cold Beer, Good Times”. In 2001, six more establishments were opened due in part to the success of the company’s Buffalo wings.

As of January 12, 2012, the founding team has sold a major part of their company in the form of Axum Capital partnership, a private investment company with its headquarters within Charlotte, North Carolina. There are currently more than 30 locations across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

 The headquarters of the chain is at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

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What They’re Famous For

Wild Wing Cafe offers a good choice of chicken wings along with your selection of flavor (i.e. sauces). The wings of chicken, the base of the meal were selected due to their bigger size and more juicy meat. Sauces are made at home to ensure freshness and of top quality, an essential consideration is given that they complement the flavor of chicken wings.

Why Eat Here

Prices at the Wild Wing Cafe prices are one of the primary reasons why you should come to this place. They will be much more affordable than you anticipated, especially when you consider the quick service, casual ambiance, and enjoyable entertainment. There’s more to it than just chicken wing-focused restaurants only to enjoy their chicken wings after all they’re also a fantastic dining experience, and that will find it here!

The staff is pleasant and attentive. It is possible to signal an attendant when you’re ready to place an order, request refills, and request your cash without waiting for too long. It is possible to count on the server to replenish your drinks even without signaling. There is seating as soon as you arrive, even if the bar seems crowded, because of the speedy service.

A majority of restaurants feature an extensive bar that offers an extensive selection of alcohol-based drinks as well as non-alcoholic cocktails. The best time to visit the bar is during happy hour because of the discounts and also on Saturdays, Fridays, and Sundays. There is also the option of watching sports on TV There are numerous televisions scattered throughout the restaurant – or listening to live music that is played in the evenings.

The volume of the music can be noisy on weekends when the Wild Wing Cafe can be packed with sports enthusiasts. If you’re among those fans, the living environment will be right on your street. You can also enjoy your meals with peace outdoors, provided the restaurant has plenty of seating outside that is covered.

Naturally, you’re at the Wild Wing Cafe to enjoy the chicken wings, surely among the finest in a market full of chicken wing-centric joints. There are 33 homemade sauces to pick from, so your taste buds will always have something familiar as well as something completely new to relish with your freshly chicken wings that are fried.

These sauces comprise Virgin the mild sauce suitable for children and rookies as well as traditional Buffalo sauces that are the medium, hot, and atomic melting level of spiciness sweet sauces made of the ginger (sweet but with added Oriental spin) as well as honey mustard and seasoned sauces, such as those of the Wild West, Italian, and Lemon Pepper. There’s also a selection of international sauce flavors including those of the Red Dragon (Japanese), the General (Chinese), and The Flying Fajita (Tex-Mex).

The sauces are drizzled with just the right quantity over the delicious chicken wings. A balance between the sauces and meat is essential for the overall success at the Wild Wing Cafe – too small and the wings won’t have the extra power, too many and the wings will end up watery.

Chicken wings aren’t the only star of the show even though they’re the most popular. You can also find other food items available including wraps (e.g., Fajita Fiesta Wrap and Buffarella) as well as sandwiches (e.g. chicken sandwiches with a variety of fillings) and hoagies. It is possible to go wild with your food and snacks from Wild Wing Cafe. Wild Wing Cafe or watch your diet while still taking pleasure in delicious food.

The restaurant accepts reservations and also accepts takeout orders however, it doesn’t ship orders. It is possible to pay with cash or credit cards, but currently, they don’t accept Apple Pay as of this writing. The most convenient times to visit this location are for lunches and dinners, whether with or without your companions which could or might not contain kids.

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