Ponderosa Steakhouse Menu Prices -2021

Ponderosa Steakhouse Menu Prices 

Ponderosa Steakhouse Menu Prices Ponderosa Steakhouse (also known as Bonanza Steakhouse in some regions) is an American full-service casual eating restaurant and buffet chain, specializing in home-style dishes and grilling items. 

The buffet offers a broad assortment of salads as well as hot food options which include delicious meals, as well as off-menu options like meatloaf and fried chicken delicious soups, rich stews, and delicious desserts. 

Ponderosa Steakhouse

There are currently more than 20 locations throughout the United States.

Here are the latest Ponderosa prices for the menu.

About Ponderosa Steakhouse

Its Ponderosa Steakhouse prices may be higher than some of its rival’s pricing. 

However, every penny is worth it, due to the tempting selection of dishes on the menu of the steakhouse and buffet. Ponderosa Steakhouse Menu Prices

The chain is the product of an amalgamation between Ponderosa and Bonanza companies, with the newly formed company controlled by Metromedia Restaurant Group. There are two parts of each restaurant’s operations which are a buffet and an upscale steakhouse.

The buffet typically has four sections: the salad bar, which is stocked with ready-to-eat salads fruit and vegetables, and other food items and a soup bar that offers various soups and crackers as well as a hot food buffet that includes sides such as fries, mashed potatoes, and meatloaf, as well as dessert bars with soft-serve apple crisp and jelly desserts. 

The steakhouse’s side offers an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in addition to dinner and lunch menus that include meals, salads, and soups. Ponderosa Steakhouse Menu Prices.

The mains include fish, chicken, and steak dishes, as well as sandwiches.

Above are the most up-to-date Ponderosa Steakhouse menu prices.


Grilled Entrees

 Grilled Salmon $14.99

Picked For You

 Sirloin Tips $13.29
 Churrasco $14.99
 Sirloin Steak $12.99

Pescados y Mariscos

 Camarones Empanadas $13.29
 Salmón $14.99

Popular Items

 Signature Sirloin Tips $13.66
 Center-Cut Sirloin $14.74
 Cheeseburger $13.44
 Wings To Go $11.99
 Baby Back Ribs $15.62
 Grilled Chicken $12.69
 Our Signature Grilled Chicken Monterey $13.62


 BBQ Ribs $17.29

Grilled Entrees To Go

 10 oz. Ribeye $18.49
 Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich $14.49

Hearty Homestyle Meals

 3 Piece Fried Chicken – Breast/Leg/Thigh $12.49
 Meatloaf $12.62

Hearty Homestyle Meals To Go

 Homemade Chicken and Noodles $12.99
 BBQ Pork $12.99


 Broiled Chicken $13.29
 Chicken Tips $13.29
 Chicken Italian $12.59
 Chicken Wings $13.29
 Chicken Sandwich $8.99

Party Platters

 Wings $11.49
 Fried Chicken To-Go $5.99

Fried Chicken To Go (8 Piece Cut)

 4 Pieces Fried Chicken $5.99
Extra Roll $0.49
 8 Pieces Fried Chicken $11.09
 12 Pieces Fried Chicken $16.19
 24 Pieces Fried Chicken $29.99
 48 Pieces Fried Chicken $54.99
 100 Pieces Fried Chicken $99.99

Burgers y Sandwiches

 Steakhouse Burger $8.99
 Beyond Burger $9.99

Party Platter Sides and More

 Macaroni and Cheese $1.99
 Buttered Corn $2.13
 Cole Slaw $1.99
 Potato Salad $1.90
 Macaroni Salad $1.77
 Green Beans $1.93

Sides & More

 Mac & Cheese $1.99
 Mashed Potato & Gravy $1.99


 32 oz. Drink $2.47
 Mountain Dew $2.69
Diet Mountain Dew $2.79
Mist Twist $2.79
Fruit Punch $2.79
Lemonade $2.79
Iced Tea $2.65
 Iced Tea by the Gallon $5.99

Sopas y Ensaladas

 Crea tu propia ensalada $9.99
 Garden Salad $7.99
 Ceasar Salad $7.99
 Sopa del dia $3.99


Mac & Cheese bowl $3.99
Sorullitos $2.99
Corn Nuggets $2.99


Bizcocho de Chocolate $3.49
Bizcocho de zanahoria $2.99
Tres leches de caramelo $3.99


Pepsi $2.00
Diet Pepsi $2.00
7up $1.75
Agua embotellada Aquafina $1.75
Perrier $2.89
Medalla $3.49
Heineken $3.49
Coor’s Light $3.49
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High school graduates Dan Lancaster and auto-dealer Norm Weise launched the first Ponderosa Steakhouse in Kokomo, Indiana in 1965. After seeing the great success at Bonanza Steakhouse in the Southern region, Lancaster and Weise were motivated to open their own restaurant that offered budget steaks. 

Their first restaurant offers cafeteria-style service, with menus restricted to steaks served with a baked potato as well as salad and dinner rolls. 

Ponderosa Steakhouse has under-went many major transformations since. 

Their menu is now offering an array of grill items and other meals in order to accommodate the constantly changing preferences of their customers. 

They’re also under the new management from Homestyle Dining LLC. While they’ve gone through many changes over time, they’ve remained determined to provide their loyal customers with high-quality meals in huge portions and at an affordable price.

What They’re Famous For?

Ponderosa Steakhouse is known for its Old West-inspired home-style meals which include delicious grilled dishes as well as hot side dishes. Here are a few of their most popular items:

  • BBQ Ribs – Prime pork ribs marinated in a special blend of spices and herbs slow cooked and barbecued to tender and juicy perfection. served with fries and homemade coleslaw to accompany the.
  • Sirloin Combo – 1/2 tender sirloin, well-seasoned and grilled to perfection, served with fresh shrimp battered in batter and then fried until golden brown. It is served alongside their famous potato baked, salad, and warm freshly baked bun.
  • Grilled Salmon Fresh salmon fillet lightly spiced with their unique blend of spices and herbs and then grilled to soft perfection. It is served with baked potatoes with a fresh salad, freshly baked buns that are warm and fresh.

Why Eat at Ponderosa Steakhouse?

Ponderosa Steakhouse is where you can enjoy quality steak dishes that are served at a low cost. 

The prices at Ponderosa are affordable for the quality of the food they serve, and their cozy, yet enjoyable dining atmosphere, and helpful and welcoming staff.

To learn more about Ponderosa or to find a location near you, visit their website at ponderosasteakhouses.com.

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Ponderosa Steakhouse Menu Prices FAQ

How much does Ponderosa buffet cost?

Dinner – 10.99
Prices above are for dine-in only. Buffets are also available for take-away and costs 7.99 each huge container. Prices and menu items are subject to change.
Do you know if Ponderosa has a food court?

Enjoy the all you can take in buffet and allow us to serve you a cafeteria experience. Don’t forget your favourite food item as well.  In terms of a warm environment, our staff provides the full service at your table as well as an easy-to-make buffet.
When did Ponderosa shut down?

The Ponderosa parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008 in the same year that the parent company of Old Country Buffet (and four other buffet chains).
What did happen what happened to Ponderosa Steakhouse within Canada?

Ponderosa started operations in Canada in 1971 and remained in the country till 1986. It was then that it’s concentration shifted to post-recession US. After the closure of many Canadian Ponderosa establishments The company returned to producing US franchises for restaurants in the year 1986, and reversed a previous ban on new US franchises following the move to Canada.
What is the reason for Ponderosa restaurants going out of business?

In a letter sent to state officials, CMR Partners LLP says the restaurants in Indianapolis and Anderson were closed because of the effects on the pandemic COVID-19 which has affected about 140 employees. The locations were on 5009 S.

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