Pluckers Wing Bar Menu Prices-2021

Pluckers Wing Bar Menu

Pluckers Wing Bar Menu Pluckers Wing Bar, a bar located in Texas. They’re famous for their spicy buffalo wings, which are ideal with a cold, refreshing beer.

It is a popular spot for people who are awed by food and drink, as well as be content. 

Pluckers has created a lively and thrilling image that is one of the main reasons that people keep coming back to visit again. Pluckers Wing Bar Menu. 

Pluckers Wing Bar Menu

The establishment was founded with the help of University of Texas students, students from the University of Texas, Pluckers Wing Bar restaurants are widely regarded as the ideal spots to enjoy the perfect experience of a sports bar. 

The relaxed atmosphere is a great place to meet young professionals and students while the excellent food and drink make people want to return for more.

It’s no secret that the Pluckers menu is extensive and that’s a great thing that you’re with your family at the venue to watch a live game on television. 

There are numerous sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, as well as salads, but avoid being enticed.

 The most delicious options on the menu are the sauces and wings, in addition to the fact that they are the foods on which the restaurant has earned its name. Pluckers Wing Bar Menu.  

The walls are covered with high-definition flat-screen televisions that show live sporting events ranging from cricket to golf.

 The bar serves many alcoholic drinks to help you pass the time or celebrate a win It also offers happy hour as well. 

The Pluckers Wing Bar’s costs are affordable for the budget so that indulgence is effortless.

Below are the latest Pluckers Wing Bar menu prices.


Popular Items

 Boneless Wing Basket $13.77
 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $11.27
 Boneless Wings Basket $13.43
 Fried Pickles $4.71
Chips & Queso $7.00
 Waffles N’ Cheese $5.27
 Buffalo Bites $9.94
 Fried Cheese $8.47
 Buffalo Bites Appetizer $8.20
 Blue Cheese Potato Chips $8.78
 Naked Boneless Wings Basket $12.61


 Holy Macaroni $8.53
 Appetizer Sampler $16.03
 Tater Cakes $7.56
 Waffles N’ Cheese Half Order $5.00
 Pluckers Nachos $9.23
 Magic Mushrooms $8.00
 Waffles N’ Cheese Full Order $8.00
 Stuffed Jalapeños $7.06
 Pluckers Totchos $10.35
 Pluckers Frachos $10.29
Mozzarella Sticks $8.00
Tater Chili Cheese Fries $8.50

Items Worth Indulging On

Customers can’t get enough of these dishes, we think you’ll love them too
50 Piece – Boneless $90.00
 20 Wings $24.81
50 Wings $61.80
50 All Drums $63.90


 Buffalo Chicken Salad $11.31
Garden Salad $7.35
 Honey BBQ Chicken Chop $10.94
Caesar Salad $7.36
 Southwest Caesar $10.78
 Blue Cheese Chicken Cobb $10.78
 Grilled Chicken Garden Salad $10.96
Traditional Chicken Caesar $10.60


 Cheech and Chong $11.59
 Cheech & Chong $11.06
 Chicken Club $10.81
 South Philly Cheesesteak $10.95
 Chicken Cheesesteak $10.70
 The Chicken Bypass $10.78
 The Larry Bird $10.63
 Mom’s Grilled Cheese $7.86
Mom’s Grilled Cheese $8.47
 Sean’s BLT $10.60
 Sean’s BLT $10.09
 Veggie Sandwich $10.42

Pregame Warm-up

 Francos $9.67
 Totchos $10.14
 Frachos™ $10.50

Boneless Wings

 Monster Boneless Wings Basket $18.00
 Naked Boneless Wing Basket $13.01
 Monster Naked Boneless Wing Basket $17.65
Monster Boneless Wing Basket $18.20
 Buffalo Bites Entrée $12.70
100 Pieces – Boneless $160.00


 15 Wings $19.89
 10 Wings $14.49
5 Wings $8.05
 100 Wings $110.34
20 All Flappers $26.25
10 All Drums $14.07
 15 All Drums $20.42
5 All Flappers $7.56
5 All Drums $7.70
20 All Drums $27.18
10 All Flappers $13.00
15 All Flappers $18.45
50 All Flappers $64.50

Wing Combos

 10 Wing Combo $14.94
5 Wing Combo $10.76
5 Wing & 3 Tender Combo $17.57
10 All Flappers Combo $15.76
5 Wing & 3 Boneless Combo $16.85
15 Wing Combo $21.39
5 All Drums Combo $9.88
10 All Drums Combo $15.21
15 All Flappers Combo $22.03
15 All Drums Combo $20.33
5 All Flappers Combo $10.44


Served with your aside.
 The Bypass Burger $12.05
 Boring Burger $10.98
 Honey BBQ Burger $11.05
 The Dirty Patty Melt $10.54
 The Gut Grenade $19.70
 Impossible Burger $13.21

The Sideline

Waffle Fries $5.48
Side of House-Made Ranch $1.13
Buffalo Fries $3.58
 Macaroni & Cheese $3.53
Side of House-Made Blue Cheese $1.25
Tater Tots $3.00
Side Salad $4.32
Macaroni and Cheese $3.59
 Sweet Potato Fries $3.47
 Side of Housemade Ranch $0.77
 Homemade Potato Chips $2.81
Side of Housemade Blue Cheese $1.68
Side Caesar Salad $5.32
Side Garden Salad $6.07


Brownie $6.30
Fried Oreo’s $6.64
Fried Twinkies $6.25


Fresh Brewed Strawberry Lemonade $3.03
Fountain Diet Coke $2.43
Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea $1.99
Fresh Brewed Lemonade $2.33
Fountain Root Beer $1.99
Fountain Sprite $2.24
Fountain Dr. Pepper $1.99
Fountain Coke $2.41
Fresh Brewed Regular Tea $1.99


Fountain Dr. Pepper $1.99
Fountain Coke Zero $2.03
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Pluckers Wing Bar Menu  History

It was 1991 when the University of Texas students Dave Paul and Mark Greenberg first became interested in starting a restaurant that would concentrate upon chicken wings. 

 They researched the possibility of this idea until they, along alongside Sean Greenberg, finally established the first Pluckers Wing Bar restaurant in the Rio Grande in 1995.

Pluckers has multiple locations all over the United States with a total of five thousand employees. 

Some of the awards and accolades they have received are being named in the eyes of ESPN for being one of the top 5 Sports Bars across North America in 2013 and being acknowledged in USA Today as one of the top 10 Wing restaurants across the nation in 2012.


Pluckers is home to several large TV screens, which show diverse sports channels. The place has a huge capacity for seating. The whole area emits an informal, relaxed vibe. Pluckers Wing Bar Menu. 

You’ll surely love the diverse offerings that they have on the menu! The food is delicious and tastes different from the other meals you’ve had at other places. It will definitely keep you coming back every time you want!

Their menu features Grilled Chicken Garden Salad, Honey Barbecue Chicken, and Boneless Wings, among many other items.

 Additionally, there are 10 different sauces that you can choose from including Buffalo Mild, Fire in the Hole along Spicy Ranch. 

If you’re not a fan of extreme heat and spicy food and sauces, don’t fret. There are milder options, as well!

Everyone on staff at Pluckers is friendly and polite. It is possible to visit the bar on your own and sit at the bar. 

Bartenders are always ready to begin a conversation with you. Pluckers Wing Bar Menu. 

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Pluckers Wing Bar FAQ

Why are pluckers so expensive?

Pluckers Wing Bar said in an email that they’re increasing the price of bone-in wings by $2 per five wings due to a national chicken wing shortage, which is driving higher wholesale prices.

Did pluckers prices go up?

Notice of price increases for a temporary period because of the ongoing shortage of chicken wings. We’re seeing the highest price for wings ever. Pluckers are forced to temporarily increase the price of bone-in wing at $2 per pound.As prices fall and prices decrease, we’ll reduce our prices as well.
What exactly is Gold Rush from pluckers?

Goldrush. Goldrush is a 24kt sweet and tangy flavor.
What exactly is the what is Vampire Killer?

The fiery heat of this garlic sauce is enough to awake the undead.
What is the cost of 100 wings of pluckers?

Prices for Pluckers’ Menus
Item Size Price
100 Pieces Wings $121.00
15 Pieces Wings $19.97
20 Pieces Wings Double. $26.62
5 Pieces Wings $7.87
What is the reason why prices for wing services are so high?

Costs for food items have soared due to the outbreak’s disruptions to supply chains and job loss woes and apprehensions about hiring, but chicken wings, which have the need for labor-intensive production are particularly vulnerable to the economic problems caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The dish is somewhat an unfortunate result of it’s fame.
Does Pluckers do to go orders?

We’re sure you’re eager to dine-in at your favourite Pluckers restaurant. We can only accommodate up to 25 percent capacities, the restaurant will be continuing the delivery service on our curbside and will also be able to offer delivery via contactless. … Anyone who has a temperature that is higher than the guidelines currently in place is required to make a takeaway order.
What is the cost of fried Oreos at Pluckers?

Pluckers Menu Prices
Food Prices
Fried Oreos $6.50
Fries Brownies $6.50
Fried Twinkies $6.50
What are the top wings for pluckers?

8) Spicy BBQ. 
  • 7) Buffalo Hot. 
  • 6) Gochujang. 
  • 5) Spicy Garlic Parmesan. 
  • 4) Ginger Peach Sriracha. 
  • 3) Buffalo Mild. 
  • 2) Lemon Pepper. 
  • 1) Baker’s Gold. This is why I go to Pluckers.
What do pluckers cook their wings with?

The Pluckers Hot Wings consist of crunchy chicken wings that are fried, then tossed with tasty Jalapeno Buffalo Sauce.
Which Pluckers places are available?

26 pluckers locations
There were 26 locations for pluckers in the United States as of April 22nd, 2021. The State with the highest amount of locations for Pluckers across the United States is Austin with 6 locations. This is 31% of all the pluckers locations in the United States.Apr 22nd 2021
Do pluckers have bone wings?

Pluckers will temporarily raise the price of bone-in wings of chicken. $5 for 5 pieces.
How many calories can be found in the pluckers’ wing?

What do Nutritionix Track app users eating from the Pluckers Wing Bar?
Product Name Calories
100 Piece Wings 1 Order 7200
1000 Island (Plucker Sauce) 2 oz 110
15 pieces of wings 1 purchase 1080
20 Piece Wings in 1 Order 1440
Which two states have pluckers?

Pluckers Wing Bar, the Austin-based chain of restaurants with more than 22 restaurants throughout Texas as well as Louisiana is set to launch its first San Antonio location in the year 2018.
What do pluckers do on birthdays?

A free birthday meal is only one among the numerous benefits of being a member of Pluckers Club! Pluckers Club!
Which city were pluckers first introduced to?

Pluckers’ owners Mark Greenberg, Dave Paul and Shawn Greenberg opened the first store in Austin in the year 1995. The store has since grown to include six metros in Texas in addition to Louisiana.

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