Pita Pit Menu Prices-2021

Pita Pit Menu

Pita Pit Menu Pita Pit has become one of the most renowned restaurants in the healthy fast-food industry. 

It is a blend of Canadian cuisine, Italian cuisine, and fresh, American produce to create an array of tastes that people enjoy. 

The restaurant has been the top-of-the-line in everything it stands for and is still able to provide exceptional service to its customers. Pita Pit Menu.

Pita Pit Menu

The mix of premium pita-based dishes, along with the new, healthy menu is certainly a reason to visit them. 

With welcoming staff and a diverse executive and board of directors it’s easy to figure out how they obtain their top-quality customer service and their extensive menu from. Pita Pit Menu.


Artisan Pitas

 Bacon Cheeseburger Pita $7.35
Bacon Cheeseburger $8.05
 Chicken Pesto $8.03
 Steak Fajita Pita $7.31
 Baja Chicken Bacon Ranch $8.09
 Steak Fajita $7.98
 Chicken Pesto Pita $7.23
 Sriracha Chicken $7.94
 Thai Chicken $8.08
 Thai Chicken Pita $7.27
 Dagwood $8.01
 Sriracha Chicken Pita $7.38
 Boom Boom Black Bean $7.91
 Baja Chicken Bacon Ranch Pita $7.23
 Boom Boom Black Bean Pita $6.89
 Dagwood Pita $7.16

Top Menu Items

Build Your Own Pita $6.82


 Greek Salad $33.20

Classic Pitas

 Aloha Pita $7.18
 Chicken Caesar Pita $7.17
 Chicken Souvlaki $8.11
 Club $7.95
 Souvlaki $7.98
 Philly Steak $8.24
 Chicken Caesar $8.09
 Falafel Pita $9.24
 Aloha $7.82
 Buffalo Chicken Pita $7.22
 Falafel $7.76
 Hummus Pita $7.01
 Buffalo Chicken $7.92
 Club Pita $7.19
 Awakin’ With Bacon $7.96
 Hummus $6.75
 Gyro Pita $9.77

Breakfast Pitas

 Awakin with Bacon Pita $7.09

Popular Items

 Philly $7.93
 Gyro $10.68

Veggie Pitas

 Garden Pita $6.95
 Spicy Black Bean Pita $7.33
 Garden $8.04

Meat Pitas

 Chicken Breast Pita $7.23
 Chicken Souvlaki Pita $7.30
 Chicken Crave Pita $7.29
 Philly Steak Pita $7.36
 Turkey Pita $7.22
 Tuna Pita $7.26
 Chicken Breast $8.20
 Black Forest Ham Pita $7.16

For Kids

Lil Pita $4.24
Lil Meal $5.71


Lay’s Original $1.42
Baked Lay’s $1.38
Harvest Cheddar Sunchips $1.33
Nacho Cheese Doritos $1.42
Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno $1.45
Miss Vickie’s BBQ $1.40


 Pita with Dip $2.92
 Cookie $1.93
Chips $1.42
 Cookies $0.73
Pita & Dip $3.18
Two Cookies $1.25
Chicken Quesadilla $6.29
Quesadilla $4.33


 Baklava $4.72


Coke $2.47
Diet Coke $2.47
Water $1.90
Sprite $2.49
Vitamin Water $2.64


Bottled Drinks $2.39
Fountain Drink $2.14
Bottled Drink $2.44
Bottled Water $1.85
Juice $2.47


 Banana Very Berry $4.81
 Banana Very Berry Smoothie $4.65
 Mango Tango $4.80
 Berry Go Round $4.81
 Mango Tango Smoothie $4.62
 Berry Go Round Smoothie $4.64
 Blu Bayou $4.67

Build Your Own

Build Your Own $7.49
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Pita Pit Menu Prices History

The story of Pita Pit is rich and thorough. The company was established in Canada but soon expanded across the USA as well as the rest of the world. Pita Pit Menu.

 It was first introduced in 1995 in Canada with the goal of creating a restaurant that embraced the relaxed and welcoming environment of fast-food restaurants, but also including personal taste, preference, and healthy eating habits.

Pita Pit’s move into its new home in the United States of America took place in 1999 and the restaurant hasn’t been back since. 

The Pita Pit’s USA headquarters are located in Idaho however, you can get their famous pitas across every state in America. Pita Pit Menu.

 The founding father, Nelson Lang, is still actively involved in the business, ensuring that the business continues to expand and improve, always putting its customers first.

The restaurant is diverse with regards to many aspects, offering vegetarian options and alternative choices to their food. 

The diner is convinced that the client should have complete control over their food which led to the innovative “create your own pita” method of operation. 

This gives an intimate dining experience, with patrons enjoying an authentic interaction with the staff and also their food.

It is this mix of tradition and service that has enabled this restaurant to continue growing and expanding over the years. 

This, in conjunction with their diverse and delicious menu, gives customers an unforgettable experience every time.

 Their commitment to providing an experience that is personalized and unique makes them stand out from their competition.

Pita Pit Menu Prices Review

The menu at Pita Pit is vastly wide and covers various dietary requirements. Vegans will be able to find a wide range of dishes they can enjoy without worries about eating meat. 

Since the product is completely customizable the customer can completely avoid foods that trigger allergic reactions or other symptoms without knowing precisely which ingredients the product they choose to purchase will have.

The menu includes “Chicken Cesar”, “Falafel”, “Garden” and numerous others. Customers who have to be gluten-free will be pleased to know the restaurant caters to those who need to be gluten-free. 

Although pitas are known for their gluten-free content, however, the restaurant also has pita-free options that can be customized to your liking, like fully customizable salads that are served with bowls.

The inclusive nature of this restaurant can be one of the main factors which make the restaurant unique and make it stand out in the rest of the crowd as a top-quality restaurant. 

The dining establishments are designed in a professional manner and have an airy, clean appearance in the dining areas.

 It is a guarantee that food is prepared properly and safe for eating, in a healthy and clean surrounding.

The staff is required to wear proper equipment for hygiene throughout the day and are educated and passionate about the food they serve. 

The attention to detail and the high-quality service is another aspect that makes the restaurant.

 If you’re looking for an excellent restaurant that is affordable costs (generally about $7 per person, per person) This is an excellent restaurant to go to.Pita Pit Menu.

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