Millies Cookies Milkshake Price 2021

Millies Cookies Milkshake Price: What about a treat for your cookies? Make sure to fill your cookie jar with tasty hand-iced cookies made by Millie’s Cookies. It’s an established chain of bakeries located in the UK. They also offer cupcakes and coffee. If you haven’t yet visited the store before, don’t wait any longer. Go through this article. There are directions to find your local retailer and purchase the best cookie.

Millie’s cookies offer beautiful and delicious cookies, such as trophy dad 18 today, brand new home happy birthday, sorry, and many others. They also have tea and coffee on the menu, including cappuccino, espresso chocolate cookie latte herbal tea, and more. It is possible to purchase the cookie box or gift box at Millie’s Cookie for less than PS20.99.

Millies Cookies Milkshake Price 2021

Millie’s Cookies offers round-shaped, heart-shaped cookies and different varieties. There are also white chocolate cookies as well as double-chocolate cookies. For more details learn more, read this article and then browse the hyperlinks below. I’ve included the menu as well as the costs below. Do you know the process by which Millie’s Cookies became a well-known brand of cookies across the UK?

Millie’s Cookies is a British bakery chain that specializes in hand-iced cupcakes and hand-iced cookies. It was founded with its first location located on Oxford Street in London in 1985. It was created in 1985 by Mario Budwig and was named after his mother, Mildred. It is headquartered within London and has over 90 stores across the UK.

Millie’s Cookies Menu Prices

If those tiny bites of crunchy goodness end too soon you can try huge cookies. Millie’s cookies come in a variety of flavors. gigantic cookies designed to suit different occasions, with various shapes. Each cookie is freshly made and hand-iced. My favorite cookies are here for you to enjoy We are proud of you. Happy birthday, twins, dragons, and unicorns.

Cookies can also be personalized and write your own message on the cookie. So, pick your favorite cookie from the shop and experience the best cookie bliss. Millie’s Cookies provide custom-designed cookie boxes and gift boxes. You can now give these delicious and beautiful cookies to those you love.

If you are a fan of cupcakes, then try these tasty, vibrant cupcakes from Millie’s Cookies. It also offers hot chocolate and coffee in drinks such as cappuccino, espresso hot chocolate, cappuccino, and many others. It is the only place to find the finest handmade products that do not contain artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated oils. It’s also famous for its warm and friendly service as well as excellent atmosphere.

Then, go through the tables below to get the entire menu and prices. If you’d like to buy your favorite cookie The links are listed below. If you’re searching for information on franchising or the information on nutritional values, get all the relevant information when you go on.

Millies Cookies Giant Cookies

Round Cookies Price
Welcome To The Team £19.99
I Love Dad £19.99
Trophy Dad £19.99
Happy Birthday £19.99
18 Today! £19.99
Happy (Age) Car £19.99
Happy (Age) Flowers £19.99
Well Done (Name)2 £19.99
You’re A Star £19.99
Bride To Be £19.99
Congratulations! £19.99
Happy Anniversary £22.99
Jammy Hearts Cookie Pie £26.99
Show Some Love Cookie Pie £26.99
Thank You, Teacher £19.99
Thank You £19.99
Proud Of You £19.99
New Home £19.99
New Arrival £19.99
I’m Sorry £19.99
Well Done (Name) £19.99
Happy (Age) Boy £19.99
Happy (Age) Girl £19.99
You’re Engaged £19.99
Employee Of The Month £19.99
Congrats On Your Graduation £19.99
Congrats In Your Exams £19.99
You’ll Be Missed £19.99
Baby Shower £19.99
Thinking Of You £19.99
Congratulations You’ve Passed! £19.99
Cookie Monster £21.99
Cookie King £21.99
21 Today! £19.99
Good Luck! £19.99
Heart Cookies Price
Twins £22.99
Mr & Mrs (Name) £22.99
I Love You XX £22.99
I Love You £22.99
It’s A Girl!! £22.99
It’s A Boy !! £22.99
Happy Anniversary £22.99
Cookie Pie Price
Jammy Hearts Cookie Pie £26.99
Show Some Love Cookie Pie £26.99
Personalized Cookie £19.99
Pink/Green Dinosaur £19.99
Unicorn £19.99

Millies Cookies Cookie Boxes

Pick & Mix Cookie Box (24) £13.99
Pick & Mix Cookie Box (50) £20.99

Millies Cookies Cupcakes

Single Cupcake £1.35
Gift Box (4) £4.49
Gift Box (9) £8.99
Gift Tin (12 cupcakes & 8 cookies) £19.99

Millies Cookies Gifts

Millie’s Gift Tin £5.00
Blue Candles £1.99

Millies Cookies Drinks

Coca-Cola £2.15
Diet Coke £1.99
Coke Zero £1.99
Sprite £2.09
Oasis Citrus Punch £2.09
Oasis Summer Fruits £2.09
Ribena £2.09
Buxton Still Water £1.99
Irn Bru £1.99
Coffee Small Regular
Latte £1.85 £2.05
Vanilla Latte £2.05 £2.35
Chocolate Cookie Latte £2.05 £2.35
Caramel Vanilla Latte £2.05 £2.35
Cappuccino £1.85 £2.05
Americano £1.85 £2.05
Espresso £1.85 £2.05
Hot Chocolate Small Regular
Classic Hot Chocolate £2.15 £2.45
Mocha £2.25 £2.55
Chocolate Cookie £2.35 £2.65
Caramel Vanilla £2.35 £2.65
Coconut £2.35 £2.65
Tea Small Regular
Breakfast & Herbal Tea £1.55 £1.75

Millie’s Cookies Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information fitness venues/UK/millies cookies-nutritional values

Millie’s Cookies Franchising Details

Milli Cookies has about 105 stores in operation and 18 franchised locations in the UK. It is eagerly awaiting the opening of new stores franchised by Milli. Take advantage of this chance to become one of the owners in franchises for this well-known store. Find out more information listed below. It is also possible to fill out your Franchise application form directly on the official website for Millie’s Cookies.

Franchise Offer For 3-4 Stores
Franchise Requirments
  1. 1. Previous experience in the sector of food
  2. 2. The investment is approx. PS100,000
  3. 3. Access to places
  4. 4. Experience in the growth of brand businesses

Millie’s Cookies Contact Information 

Millie’s Cookies Head Office Address: 169 Euston Road London, NW1 2AE United Kingdom

Millie’s Cookies Phone: 44-20-7529-8369

Millie’s Cookies Email Address: 

To contact the team of Millie’s Cookies, fill the contact form available on its official website.

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