Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices-2022

Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices

Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices Kung Fu is a martial art that is focused on discipline and patience. Kung Fu Tea is a tea bar that serves drinks like smoothies, bubble tea, and coffee that reflect those values.

Tea that is great requires a lot of craftsmanship and dedication is required to master the art. 

The commitment of the team of Kung Fu tea gets results that keep you coming back. Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices. 

Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices-2021


Milk Tea

Hot Kung Fu Milk Tea $4.50
Kung Fu Milk Green Tea $4.06
 Milk Green Tea $3.87
KF Oolong Milk Tea $4.09
 Kung Fu Milk Tea $4.11
Oolong Milk Tea $3.96
Thai Milk Tea $4.19
Coffee Milk Tea $4.14
Almond Milk Tea $4.19
Coconut Milk Tea $4.30
Honey Milk Tea $4.15
Honey Milk Green Tea $4.26
Honey Oolong Milk Tea $4.15
Taro Milk Tea $4.25
Taro Milk Green Tea $4.27
Winter Melon Milk Green Tea $4.27
Rosehip Milk Tea $4.37


Passion Fruit Slush $5.01
Matcha Red Bean Slush $4.97
Red Bean $4.90
Italian Mocha $4.70
Mung Bean $6.91
Mung Bean Slush $4.67
Strawberry Milk Slush $4.96
Taro Slush $5.02
Matcha Red Bean $4.76
Red Bean Slush $4.93
Mango Slush $4.98
Mango Snow $5.02
Strawberry Milk $4.79
Mango Snow Slush $4.90
Pineapple $4.75
Oreo Slush $5.14
Pina Colada $4.78
Passion Fruit $4.75
Pineapple Slush $5.01
Pina Colada Slush $4.99
Coffee $4.69
Coffee Slush $5.06
Italian Mocha Slush $5.06
Caramel Macchiato Slush $5.03
Kiwi Apple Kale Slush $5.82

Whats New

 Grape Cream $6.64
Strawberry Cream $6.71


Kung Fu Black Tea $3.41
Kung Fu Green Tea $3.42
Kung Fu Oolong Tea $3.39
KF Honey Tea $3.08
Kung Fu Honey Tea $3.40
Winter Melon Tea $3.39
Winter Melon Green Tea $3.63
Honey Black Tea $3.64
Honey Green Tea $3.67
Hot Honey Oolong Tea $4.44
Honey Oolong Tea $3.69
Longan Jujube Tea $3.64
Kung Fu Pomelo Tea $3.48


Honey Lemonade Punch $3.93
Lemon Black Tea $3.48
Rosehip Lemonade $4.39
Lemon Green Tea $3.51
Strawberry Lemon Green Tea $4.27
 Passion Fruit Green Tea $4.26
Peach Oolong Tea $4.24
Strawberry Lemonade $4.30
Lychee Punch $4.23
Lychee Black Tea $4.43
Veryberry Green Tea $3.86
Honey Lemonade $3.72
Grapefruit Green Tea $4.21
Mango Green Tea $4.25
Orange Green Tea $4.22
Sunshine Pineapple Tea $4.24

Milk Cap

Winter Melon Tea Cap $4.52
Black Tea Cap $4.32
Green Tea Cap $4.52
Honey Tea Cap $4.79
Oolong Tea Cap $4.28
Jujube Tea Milk Cap $4.93
Sunshine Pineapple Tea Cap $5.33
Matcha Milk Cap $5.92
Cocoa Cream Wow Milk Cap $5.95

Wow Milk

Featuring housemade bubbles and Lactaid.
 Herbal Jelly $4.55

Seasonal Special

Taro Milk $5.14
Pumpkin Oolong Milk Tea $4.17
Hot Brown Sugar Ginger $4.95
Brown Sugar Ginger $4.46


Yogurt Green Tea $4.47
Yogurt Grapefruit $4.87
Yogurt Orange $4.90
Yogurt Lemonade $4.73


Hot Signature Coffee $3.01
Signature Coffee $3.19
Hot Latte $3.49
Latte $3.66
Hot Mocha $3.49
Mocha $3.65
Cappuccino $3.65
Hot Caramel Macchiato $3.49
Caramel Macchiato $4.03

Milk Strike

Chai Milk $4.65
Winter Melon Milk $4.45
Sesame Matcha $4.97
 Wow Milk $4.82
Ginger Milk $5.10
Oreo Wow Milk $4.73
 Cocoa Cream Wow $4.99
Red Bean Wow Milk $4.67
Matcha Milk $4.66
Herbal Jelly Wow Milk $4.68

Popular Items

Taro $4.82
Mango $4.73

Hot Milk Tea

Hot Coffee Milk Tea $4.84
Hot Almond Milk Tea $4.92
Hot Coconut Milk Tea $4.92
Hot Honey Milk Tea $4.87
Hot Honey Milk Green Tea $5.10
Hot Honey Oolong Milk Tea $4.92
Hot Taro Milk Tea $4.92
Hot Taro Milk Green Tea $4.88
Hot Winter Melon Milk Green Tea $4.89

Hot Espresso

Hot Cappuccino $3.51
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Kung Fu Tea Menu History

The company’s first venture was in New York in 2009 when four friends decided to take their business of bubble tea out of Taiwan into America. The United States.

The chain has nearly 200 U.S. locations with additional outlets located in Australia, Canada, and Vietnam and is considered as one of the earliest franchises to introduce bubbly tea into America.


Every restaurant offers desserts and drinks that are customized to your specifications, with a comfortable place to relax while spending time with your pals. Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices.

The desserts and teas are loved by customers due to their high-end taste texture, as well as ingredients. 

The authenticity of the tea keeps those who grew up drinking bubble tea returning from more.

This green tea makes an excellent beginning point for anyone who is new to bubble tea and slushes are great options when you’re in the mood for something colder.

The service is efficient and friendly however, because of the chain’s popularity, stores are often crowded during weekends and in the evenings so be sure to make your plans in advance.


People Also Ask Kung Fu Tea Menu

What is the cost of an milk cap in Kung Fu Tea?

Naturally tea is the mainstay of Kung Fu Tea menu. It’s the primary ingredient in the milk teas, smoothies, and slushes in addition to the traditional brewed teas Kung Fu Tea, which it is renowned for.

Kung Fu Tea Prices.

Item Price
Green Tea Cap $4.52
Honey Tea Cap $4.78
Oolong Tea Cap $4.28
Jujube Capsule Tea Milk $5.02

How much is Oreo at Kung Fu Tea?

Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices
Food Size and Price
Hot Oreo Milk Strike $6.95
Hot Matcha Milk Strike $6.95
Hot Red Bean Milk Strike $6.95
Hot Herbal Jelly Milk Strike $6.95

Is it true that Kung Fu Tea give free drinks for birthdays?

BUILT-IN REWARDS: Earn 2 bubbles for every dollar spent! It’s possible to will be able to enjoy free beverages on the day of your birthday*, your 3rd visit* as well as for each 168 times you’ve earned. … *Must have Red Belt status to be qualified for a Birthday drink (up up to $6).

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