Golden Chick Menu Prices -2021

Golden Chick Menu Prices

Golden Chick Menu Prices The long-running brand of fast food has been operating since the mid-1960s and has truly established itself as a favorite of families. 

The deliciously seasoned chicken fried has been filling people’s stomachs for more than 40 years and bringing joy to generations of families. 

And not only that, but their catfish fried is also delicious dish they serve.

Golden Chick is particularly famous for its “Golden Chicken Tender.” They are renowned because they’re only made from the tenderloin of a chicken, which is the most delicious, juicy, and best cut. 

But their menu is an excellent combination of fast food and healthy choices making sure that everyone has a healthy diet. Golden Chick Menu Prices. 

Golden Chick Menu

About Golden Chick

Golden Chick started as Golden Fried Chicken in the year 1967 located in San Marcos, Texas but changed its name to Golden Chick in 1996. 

It is a chain of fast-food eateries that concentrates on chicken strips and fried chicken that have been registered by the company as Golden Tenders. 

Golden Chick prices are affordable. Golden Chick prices are also reasonable, so savoring these chicken delights is simple.

There are now more than 115 restaurants in Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Florida. The menu has been changed through the years, with especially the switch in the main item, which was chicken strips cooked in oil to the chicken.

Fried chicken remains an essential part of the menu, apart from being among the most sought-after products. Chicken tenders are available by the piece or in a combination are served with gravy of the country-style hot yeast roll as well as 32-ounce soft drinks. 

There are also salads like the Tender Salad and Garden Salad and catfish dishes. Restaurants are great places to eat lunch or dinner due to these choices in food.

Above are the most up-to-date Golden Chick menu prices.



Mashed Potatoes $2.37
Green Beans $2.20
Dirty Rice $2.21
Battered Fries $2.29
Potato Salad $2.02
Fresh Salad $2.21
Fried Okra $2.20
Mac & Cheese $2.39
Cole Slaw $2.32
Battered French Fries $2.06
Coleslaw $2.16
Fruit Salad $2.04

Golden Combos

Golden Tenders $7.64
Golden Fried Chicken $13.45
Southern Fried Catfish $9.31
Golden Roast $7.04

Popular Items

 Golden Tenders Combo $7.58
Golden Fried Chicken Combo $7.05

Individual Combo

 Tender Sandwich Combo $6.57

Junior Combos

 Tender Junior Combo $5.34
 Chicken Junior Combo $5.33


 Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo $6.73
Golden Tender Sandwich Combo $6.71
 Chicken Salad Sandwich $4.52
Tender Sandwich $4.46
Golden Tender Sandwich $4.46


Golden Roast Combo $7.20
Southern Fried Catfish Combo $8.73


Tender Salad $6.77
 Chicken Salad Salad $6.94
Garden Salad $4.56
Side Salad $2.23

Jr. Combos

 Tender Jr. Combo $5.10
 Catfish Jr. Combo $6.38
 Catfish Junior Combo $6.88
 Chicken Jr. Combo $4.96

By the Piece

Tender $1.34
Catfish $2.35
Yeast Roll $0.81
Chicken $2.06
Chicken Breast $2.37
Leg $1.73
Thigh $1.81
Wing $1.60
Breast Substitution $0.93

Side Items

Lettuce Salad $2.02


Pepsi $1.82
Diet Pepsi $1.81
Soda $1.95
Dr. Pepper $1.80
Gallon-o-Tea $3.96
Mountain Dew $1.81
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $2.13
Raspberry Lemonade $2.80
Bottled Water $1.49


Chicken Salad $4.88
Gravy $0.64
Yeast Rolls $2.95
Dipping Sauce $0.30
Jalapenos $0.35
Corn Nuggets $3.24
Jalapeno Poppers $3.05
Chocolate Chip Cookies $0.76
Country Gravy $0.78

Kids Meal

 2 Tenders $4.98
 Chicken Leg $4.44

Family Meals

16 Golden Tenders with 4 Rolls $21.24
16 Golden Tenders with 2 Family Sides $26.40
 16 Golden Tenders $25.61
25 Golden Tenders with 6 Rolls $27.37
 8 Piece Mixed Chicken $20.35
 25 Golden Tenders $32.67
25 Golden Tenders with 3 Family Sides $35.44
 The Mixer $40.13

15 Party Pak

Feeds Up To 15
Golden Fried Chicken (30 Pc. Mixed Chicken, 15 Rolls & Any 2 Half Pan Sides) $94.99
Golden Tenders (60 Pc. Tenders, 15 Rolls, Half Pan Gravy & Any 2 Half Pan Sides) $94.99
Golden Tenders & Fried Chicken (15 Pc. Mixed Chicken, 30 Pc. Tenders, 15 Rolls, Half Pan Gravy & Any 2 Half Pan Sides) $94.99

25 Party Pak

Feeds Up To 25
Golden Fried Chicken (50 Pc. Mixed Chicken, 25 Rolls & Any 3 Half Pan Sides) $154.99
Golden Tenders (100 Pc. Tenders, 25 Rolls, Half Pan Gravy & Any 3 Half Pan Sides) $154.99
Golden Tenders & Fried Chicken (25 Pc. Mixed Chicken, 50 Pc. Tenders, 25 Rolls, Half Pan Gravy & Any 3 Half Pan Sides) $154.99

50 Party Pak

Feeds Up To 50
Golden Fried Chicken (100 Pc. Mixed Chicken, 50 Rolls & Any 2 Full Pan Sides) $289.99
Golden Tenders (200 Pc. Tenders, 50 Rolls, Full Pan Gravy & Any 2 Full Pan Sides) $289.99
Golden Tenders & Fried Chicken (50 Pc. Mixed Chicken, 100 Pc. Tenders, 50 Rolls, Half Pan Gravy & Any 2 Full Pan Sides) $289.99
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Golden Chick began life with the brand name “Golden Fried Chicken” and was the idea from a previous franchisee from an alternate fast-food company. 

The franchisee thought there had to be an alternative to franchising the business and hence started the chain. 

This was around the 1960s when the first franchise was established within San Marcos, Texas.

The company initially expanded in a steady manner with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity. Golden Chick Menu  Prices. 

The founder mastered the recipes for batter and marinade and also created the largest menu of chicken that could please the entire family. 

After extensive refinement, the franchise was officially launched in the year 1972.

In 1982, the founder of the chain sold it at the time of sale, the chain had grown to 39 stores. 

When the brand was first being developed most of the stores were within central Texas. After selling, the company witnessed the development of its stores accelerate.

There are now more than 150 locations, and there are shops throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. 

There’s also a brand new store that will soon be completed in Florida. In spite of this huge expansion, they continue to serve some of the most delicious and juiciest meals around.


Golden Chick locations Golden Chick places are brightly decorated with a subtle yellow with natural wood paneling and tiles. 

They’re well-lit and contemporary, with a wide range of seating choices. 

The staff is professional efficient, friendly, and accommodating and have been praised for their focus on the smallest of details.

The menu is comprised of the following: combination meals, family dinners, salads, dishes, sides additional items, and drinks. 

They also have a selection of ‘Party Packs’ that can be used to feed 15-25 or 50 guests and provide an assortment of Golden Chick house favorites. 

For each meal, there is the option of the main course and a variety of side dishes, and a selection of a beverage.

The main dishes include tenders and chicken salad sandwiches tenders sandwiches, fried cut chicken, roast or fried, and southern catfish fried. Additional dishes and sides comprise French fries, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese hot yeast rolls, coleslaw, and jalapeno poppers among other items. 

One of their most highly-rated dishes is their tender salad. It’s a fresh, crisp garden salad that is topped off with delicately fried, perfectly spiced tenders.

Golden Chick’s prices are one of the reasons they have managed to keep their well-known reputation since they’re very affordable. 

A combination meal is about $5, while a family meal can cost just $20. In the end, this brand’s commitment towards quality meals and a welcoming environment for families has ensured that they’ve been one of America’s favorite Fast food restaurants.

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Golden Chick Menu Prices FAQ

What’s the cost of an Golden Chick cost?

A Golden Investment
Entrepreneurs who want to open an Golden Chick franchise must have at minimum $350,000 worth of liquid assets, and an estimated net value in excess of $1.5 million. Golden Chick offers the cost of franchise fees of $30,00 for each location and discounts on more than one unit.
What is the price of 10 pieces of Golden Chick?

Family Meals
16 Golden Tenders Meal $22.99
8 Pieces of Mixed Chicken, 2 Sides of Meal $22.99
15 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $24.99
15 Pieces of Mixed Chicken, 3 Sides of Meal $33.99
10 Pieces Legs and Thighs $12.99
How much are bone-free wings available at Golden Chick?

The brand new Boneless Wings are coming in hot and available in 6 and 10 and 24 entrees, or combo choices, such as six Boneless Wings for $6.49; Six Boneless Wings Combo for $8.49. 10 Boneless Wings for $9.79; 10 Boneless Wings Combo for $11.99.
Does Golden Chick real chicken?

In 1985, the First Golden Tender(tm) was born. We began with whole chicken tenderloin (the filet mignon from the chicken) to create our original Golden Tenders(tm). For a fresh, delicious taste the tenderloins are marinated for a few hours, then we hand-batter them and cook to a perfect golden perfect.
Do you know if Golden Chick have catfish?

Who doesn’t enjoy the flavor of the south in cooked catfish? Get a selection of three or five pieces and you’ll be served a the side dish with a yeast roll, as well as the 30 oz. drink.
Do you think Golden Chick have gizzards?

We love ordering the chicken on a platter, as well as some gizzards and livers. They can be hard to come by and in this place they are perfect!
Is it true that Golden Chick have bone in chicken?

“Fifty years ago, Golden Chick was known for being an exclusively bone-in traditional chicken restaurant, but in 1985 began using the whole chicken tenderloin or as we like to call it — the filet mignon of chicken, to make our original Golden Tenders,” said Jim Stevens, president of Golden Chick.
Is Golden Chick good?

In general, I do have an affectionate love to Golden Chick. One reason is that they offer delicious tenders of chicken. However, for another reason I think they were snubbed with Chicken Express. Golden Chick was first and anyone who’s tried both restaurants knows that it’s the same chicken.
Do you know if Golden Chick serve fish?

This handmade Cod Filet Combo includes handmade-battered Alaska Cod filet served with two sides, a fresh-baked yeast roll tartar sauce, as well as a drink of 30 oz at a suggested cost of $7.99. In addition, Golden Chick is welcoming back with Butterfly Shrimp, which can be added to any dish for $1.99.
Do you know if Golden Chick have spicy chicken?

Golden Chick officially announced its partnership with Cholula Hot Sauce Cholula Hot Sauce, the famous popular Mexican hot sauce company. Both brands have teamed up to offer Cholula Chicken to hot sauce lovers and chicken fans throughout the south.
Do you know if Golden Chick sell livers?

Description: Home of the Original Golden Tenders, Golden Chick is a fast-food restaurant chain serving Golden Fried or Roast Chicken, Fried Catfish, Sandwiches and Fresh Salads as well as yeast Rolls and a wide selection of sides. I visit this place for my husband to get Chicken livers. They fry them as you sit for ….about eight minutes …..

What caused Golden Chick close?

A health inspector shut down Golden Chick July 19 for numerous fixes and cleanup. … Corsicana and Navarro County Public Health District together as Anthony McGee, registered sanitorian from Mesquite closed the restaurant after a worker complained of being made to wash his chicken in a filthy sink.

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