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Gold Star Chili Menu

Gold Star Chili Menu Prices The majority of Americans are familiar with chili as a Tex-Mex invention. 

But there’s also another type of chili known as Cincinnati chili, a different beast than its Tex-Mex counterpart so comparisons made between the two types are akin to apples-versus-oranges comparison. 

Gold Star Chili Menu

The Tex-Mex chili is able to be enjoyed by itself, the Cincinnati chili is typically served as a condiment for hotdogs (coneys) and spaghetti (two-way).

Cincinnati chili comes from a Mediterranean-flavored meat sauce made up of ingredients such as ground beef tomato paste, broth, and cinnamon, as well as other Mediterranean spices. These are cooked until they form the consistency of a soup. 

Chocolate can be added to the chili giving the chili a distinct flavor that is different from its Tex-Mex counterpart.

The toppings are beans, onions, and cheese.

Below are the most recent Gold Star Chili menu prices.

About Gold Star Chili

Gold Star Chili specializes in Cincinnati chili, a distinct chili that differs from that of the Tex-Mex version. 

When you eat it, you will find that it’s actually a Mediterranean-inspired meat sauce made with ground beef, tomato paste, and even chocolate, as well as cheese, beans, and onions. 

If you’re looking for an original approach to chili it’s Gold Star Chili is among your top must-see restaurants!

In 1965, the Daoud brothers, the original Gold Star Chili restaurant was named Hamburger Heaven because of its emphasis on hamburgers, while chili was an additional product. 

After the brothers realized that the chili is the most well-known item and they decided to change their focus and changed the name of the restaurant. Gold Star Chili Menu Prices. 

Gold Star Chili restaurants can today be found in many states within the U.S.

Cincinnati chili is a classic. Cincinnati chili can be served alongside hotdogs and spaghetti which may sound strange to Tex-Mex lovers, but it is a great combination. 

The starchy spaghetti is a great complement to the hot and spicy chili, while hotdogs and buns contribute to the meatiness. 

Don’t be afraid of eating them, the low price of Gold Star Chili is at your side.

Below are the latest Gold Star Chili menu prices.


Popular Items

 Regular 3-Way $7.53
 3-Way $5.52
 Loaded Bacon Chili Cheese Fries $7.45
 Bacon Cheddar Ranch Fries $5.66
 Garlic Parmesan Fries $5.25
 Cookies + Cream $4.59
 Chocolate $4.59
 Chili Cheese Fries $6.61
 Banana Cream Pie $4.59
Kids Chicken Strips $5.71

Most Popular

 Vegetarian Three Way $5.25


Make any way meatless with our vegetarian chili.
Small 2-Way $4.57
 Small 3-Way $5.49
 4-Way $5.75
 Small 4-Way $6.43
 5-Way $5.98
Small 5-Way $5.95
 2-Way $4.60
Regular 2-Way $6.53
 Regular 4-Way $7.68
 Regular 5-Way $7.91
Super 2-Way $8.83
 Super 3-Way $9.75
 Super 4-Way $10.02
 Super 5-Way $10.21

Coney’s and Ways

Habanero Ghost Pepper Cheese Coney $2.58
 Chili Spaghetti $4.01
Habanero Ghost Pepper Chili Cheese Sandwich $2.58
 Coney Crate $23.87
Habanero Ghost Pepper Cheese Coney Crate $25.70
Two Way $4.44
 Five Way $5.82


 Classic Burger $6.31
 Cheeseburger $7.61
 Bacon Cheeseburger $8.61
 Chili Burger $8.04

Fresh Salads

 Chili Salad $5.57
 Harvest Chicken Salad $5.74
 Spring Harvest Salad $4.59

Chicken Sandwiches

 Classic Chicken Sandwich $7.58
 Bacon Chicken Ranch Sandwich $9.19

Burritos and Bowls

Chili Burrito $7.29
 Chili Burrito Deluxe $8.34
Chicken Burrito $7.29
 Chicken Burrito Deluxe $8.34


 Fries $2.63

Fries and Sides

Cheese Fries $4.45
 Chili Cheese Dip $4.13
 Chili Cheese Nachos $6.43
Beans $0.50


 Chili Salad Full $8.04
 Chili Salad Half $5.74
 BBQ Chicken Salad $5.74
 Harvest Chicken Salad Full $8.04
 Bacon Chicken Ranch Salad Half $5.74
 Harvest Chicken Salad Half $5.74
Side Salad $3.44
 BBQ Chicken Salad Full $8.04
 BBQ Chicken Salad Half $5.74
Bacon Chicken Ranch Salad Full $8.04

Kids Meals

 Kids Three Way $5.74
 Kids Spaghetti and Cheese $3.75
 Kids Cheese Coney Meal $4.59
Kids Chicken Fingers Meal $5.74
 Kids Hot Dog Meal $3.55
 Kids Chicken Fingers $5.74
Kids Cheeseburger $5.74

Burritos & Bowls

Chili Bowl $7.23
Chili Bowl Deluxe $8.38
Chicken Bowl $7.23
Chicken Bowl Deluxe $8.38


 Fountain Soda Medium $2.49
Vanilla Shake $4.59
Fountain Soda Large $2.88
Large Fountain Soda $2.98
Strawberry Shake $4.59
 Sweet Tea Regular $2.48
Regular Sweet Tea $2.63
Strawberry Banana Shake $4.59
Sweet Tea Large $2.88
Large Sweet Tea $2.98
Chocolate Banana Shake $4.59
 Iced Tea Regular $2.48
Chocolate Shake $4.59
 Cookies and Cream Shake $4.59
Iced Tea Large $2.88
 Strawberry Shortcake Shake $4.59
Banana Cream Pie Shake $4.59
Iced Tea $2.42
Unsweet Iced Tea $2.52
Sweet Tea $2.42
Fountain Soda $2.35

Kids’ Meals

All kids meals come with drink – fountain soda, apple juice or milk & side – fries or applesauce.
 Kids 3-Way Meal $5.74
 Kids Coney Meal $4.59
 Kids Spaghetti + Cheese $3.59
 Kids Hot Dog $3.64


Side of Dressing $0.50
 Spaghetti & Cheese $3.90
 Cheese Hot Dog $1.65
French Fries $2.59
Side of Onions $0.50
Lays Chips $1.37
Cheese $1.48
Side of Cheese $1.48
Chili $1.48
 Side of Chili $1.48
Onions $0.50
Sour Cream $0.50
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Fahad, Basheer, Fahid Basheer, Fahid, and Bishara Daoud Four brothers from Jordan formed Gold Star Chili in 1965 and opened the first branch at Mount Washington.

The first restaurant was named Hamburger Heaven it was a place that focused on hamburgers, but the chili was also offered.

The owners soon noticed that chili was much more popular than other menu items, particularly after changes made to the basic recipe have been implemented.

The name of the restaurant was later changed to Gold Star Chili so that it emphasized the recipe that was created by the brother.

The menu was a lot of items that did not work with chili were also eliminated.

The chain of restaurants has its base in Cincinnati, Ohio while its restaurants, which are 85 locations owned by the company and franchised at the time of October 2016 located all over Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

The chain as well as the Cincinnati chili is known by many to be Cincinnati Bengals’ Official Chili.

What They’re Famous For

Of course, Gold Star Chili is well-known, even by its faithful customers because of its chili that is Cincinnati style.

The flavor profile is distinct from that of Tex-Mex chili with carne. It’s tart due to the concentrated tomato sauce sweet from dried onion, as well as a savory due to spice blends of Mediterranean spices, particularly the pepperonis, which are their secret ingredients.

The chili that has been cooked is served as a garnish over hotdogs and spaghetti.

Remember that the texture and flavor are quite different from traditional chili con carne, so Cincinnati chili isn’t inferior to its counterpart, in fact, it is far superior.

Why Eat Here

The well-known Cincinnati chili is the best reason to dine at a Gold Star Chili restaurant near your area or any other location that puts yourself within the range of the chain’s restaurants in fact.

The chili’s unique flavor is an excellent topping for spaghetti and is available in three forms which include:

  • 3-way, deliciously hot al dente spaghetti, topped with the mouth-watering chili and freshly-grated cheddar cheese
  • 4-way that has the same basic ingredients: generous heaping of chili, spaghetti, and cheddar cheese. You can also add onions or beans as an added component.
  • 5-way, identical to the 4way, but with added onions and beans

It’s the Gold Star Chili is the bright paint that paints the spaghetti’s empty canvas using an analogy. When it’s served as a topping on hotdogs, it’s an entirely different story.

The chili is a perfect complement to the meaty flavor in the hotdog. which is an American tradition elevated to a level of culinary.

There are several different options for coneys with a savory flavor as well, such as:

  • Cheese Coney Cheese Coney is a premium meaty hotdog served in buns made of a Klosterman bun and Gold Star’s chili, cheese, and onions. It also has some mustard that is widely thought of as an iconic Cincinnati custom
  • Coney is the same hotdog served in the steamed bun, topped with chopped onions, chili, and mustard for toppings
  • Chili Cheese Sandwich, a steam-cooked Klosterman bun that is topped with the chili’s signature onion, chopped, and cheddar cheese. mustard.

If you’re a person with a large appetite or want to share your cones with others, your best option is to purchase the 10 unit, Coney Crate.

The two-way, as well as coneys, are essentials for frequent customers, however, there are alternatives, like Sandwiches (Double Deckers), Chili Salad with fresh vegetables as well as Spring Harvest Salad with mandarin oranges.

Nachos, fries, and cheese dips, as well as the famous milkshakes made of ice cream with flavors such as strawberry shortcake, vanilla, and banana cream pie, are also on offer.

The well-known Gold Star Chili Cincinnati-style chili is made at a central commissary before being it is delivered to restaurants.

According to an announcement the chili is comprised of melt suet as well as dried white onions and pepperonis, as well as tomato sauce and water, that is then simmered for 3 hours until the chili has reached the desired consistency.

With such a thorough cooking process and the finest ingredients, it’s no wonder that this chili helped to made Cincinnati on the map of culinary excellence and the award is only one of the many proofs of this.

The chain generally doesn’t take reservations, nor does it accept delivery and catering orders, but it does offer delivery services.

The eateries are family-friendly and accommodating to groups, with many of them offering free wireless internet.

The relaxed atmosphere means that having your coneys two-ways in a messy way is okay.

To learn more about Gold Star Chili or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Gold Star Chili Menu Prices FAQ

What is the cost of an Gold Star Chili Dog?

Find out the price of each item that are listed Gold Star Chili menu.
Food Item Price
Coney $1.30
Chili Cheese Sandwich $1.45
Cheese Hot Dog $1.15
What is what’s the distinction in Gold Star and Skyline Chili?

Gold Star Chili was like Skyline however there were some differences. Gold Star Chili Gold Star has a bit more flavor than Skyline.  Chili fries are slightly different in that Gold Star serves crinkle fries (which I would prefer to have alongside chili fries) and Skyline serves straight fries. Skyline offers straight fries.
What is an Gold Star 3 way?

Spaghetti is smothered from edgeto-edge in Gold Star Chili, and then garnished with more than just a few ounces cheddar cheese that has been shredded.
Is Goldstar Chili good?

Gold Star named Ohio’s top fast-food restaurant. Food & Wine Magazine created a list of top fast food chains across every state, and it will come as no shock that the best fast food in Ohio offers Cincinnati chili. The list was created by writer David Landsel chose Gold Star as the top fast food restaurant in Ohio.
How much will a 3-way way ticket cost in Gold Star?

Gold Star Chili Menu Prices
Item Price
Regular 2-Way $6.53
Regular 4-Way The same features you love in our 3-way except with onions or beans. 780-830 calories. $7.68
Regular 5-Way For true chili-lovers. This is a three-way dish with onions and beans. 850 calories. $7.91
Super 2-Way $8.83
What type of cheese is used by GOLD STAR use?

cheddar cheese
Our specially prepared hot dog featuring the condiments mustard, Gold Star Chili and. It’s topped by onions, and cheddar cheese shredded.
What kind of hot dog do Gold Star Chili use?

They serve Blue Grass hot dogs and they were one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of tasting so far. The buns are created by Klosterman They were fresh, soft and held well. The cheese was also very fresh and was easily shredded. The oyster crackers too are made locally by Kroger.
What is the most delicious chilli in Cincinnati?

11 Restaurants That Serve The Best Chili in Cincinnati
  • Dixie Chili. Dixie Chili is located located in Northern Kentucky, but any local would think it is to be part of the Cinci region. 
  • Blue Ash Chili. Blue Ash Chili also offers six chili varieties, each of which contains fried jalapenos. 
  • Chili Time Restaurant. 
  • Empress. 
  • Gold Star. 
  • Skyline.
What number of Gold Star Chili locations are there?

Gold Star Chili restaurants, franchised or owned by the company are located within Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The total was 85 as of October , 2016.
Does Gold Star Chili contain chocolate?

It’s true that Gold Star Chili is not as sweet as the other Cincinnati chili establishments, due because Gold Star Chili doesn’t make use of cinnamon or chocolate in the same way that the other chili restaurants do. The chili here is spicy and sweet, and it has some warmth, like some spices.
What kinds of beans are used in Gold Star Chili?

The ordering process for Cincinnati chili is built on a particular recipe which includes spaghetti, chili, cheddar cheese and diced onions. kidney beans.
Who came up with Gold Star Chili?

Frank Daoud
Frank Daoud founded Gold Star in 1963 when Daoud and his three siblings, Fahhad, Basheer and Bishara purchased the Hamburger Heaven restaurant in Mount Washington, which included the formula to make Cincinnati Chili.
What kind of meat is present in Gold Star Chili?

We offer small-batch Cincinnati-style chili as well as hot, fresh 100 percent American beef hamburgers created by hand and cooked to specifications. The chili is prepared in small batches to make sure the flavor, quality and texture are spot on each and every time. What about the Burgers?
What exactly is Gold Star heavenly sauce?

The burgers are cooked with a special blend of burger spices and then topped by dipping them in Gold Star Chili’s exclusive “Heavenly” sauce, a reference to the roots of the company to its origins Hamburger Heaven.
Does Goldstar offer burritos?

Gold Star Chili, a 95-unit chain that is a specialist in Cincinnati-style chili has included Cincinnati-style burritos as well as Burrito Bowls to its menu. … Consumers can pick to have these items filled with the company’s Cincinnati-style signature, veggie as well as Tex-Mex chili. It can also be served crispy or grilled chicken.

What’s gluten-free at Gold Star chili?

Gold Star Vegetarian Chili
Our vegetarian chili is made using the plant-based Beyond MEAT (r) product that is gluten-free and non-stressful, but definitely not flavor-free. It’s made using the same secret 13-spice blend used in the original and it has the same aroma, flavor and appearance identical to the original.


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