Fatz Menu Prices-2021

Fatz Menu Prices-2021

FATZ Cafe promises its customers delicious and homemade food. They’re an informal dining restaurant that is centered around southern hospitality. The staff goes beyond their means to make people feel welcome by offering an inviting, warm environment. They treat each guest with respect in every restaurant.

They offer lunch and dinner with a southern-inspired vibe. There are currently 48 cafes that are situated across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. They are operated under Cafe Enterprises, Inc. and their main office is within Taylors, South Carolina. They are committed to providing an extensive menu at affordable prices.

Fatz Menu Prices


FATZ was established in 1988. A group of friends was bored of the same chain restaurants. Their aim was to build an experience that was unique from other restaurants. They set their sights on creating an eatery that would provide services to the local community. It was a renovated streetside stand selling peaches within Spartanburg, SC.

The foundation of their existence is their relationships with those communities in which they operate. Through the Short Stacks for Big Change program, they take huge steps to ensure they give back. Although they don’t usually serve breakfast, they will open early on Sundays to be able to raise money for local charities.

They not only offer their services and provide staff and food too. Their public relations department contributes with templates for banners, flyers and signs, tickets and even a press announcement. They have raised more than two million dollars through these events. Their dedication to their community is evident in their dedication to providing great food.

They ensure that the staff who manage their establishments are active within the local community, too. This connection guarantees that they have a personal desire to serve delicious food and helpful service. They’ve built their business around ensuring that their customers are well taken care of and are happy. The guests are encouraged to talk to management regarding any issues.


FATZ promises delicious, home-cooked food and they provide. The menu is packed with diverse options so there’s something for every person. There’s a menu for kids that is available. There are also bar menus too. In the beginning, they serve appetizers like onions and green tomatoes that have been fried. rings. The loaded baked potato soup is a hit and they also offer regular specials. The salad menu offers a variety of options from the basic salad in the house to their Asian Chicken Salad.

They provide a wide variety of seafood, steaks, chops, and ribs. Even the most expensive cut of steak can be purchased for under $20. There’s also chicken – Their famous Calabash chicken, too. Their Calabash is inspired by the style of cooking that originated from the tiny beach town of Calabash situated inside North Carolina. They make a unique mixture of seasonings that are marinated in buttermilk and then hand-breaded the chicken. They have a method to cook the chicken so that it emerges glowing and golden, and keeps the meat moist and soft. Chicken dishes cost under $15. If it’s difficult to choose between seafood, steak, or chicken, there’s an area on the menu that is reserved for trios and duos which include a variety of dishes. They are priced from less than $15 to $20.

Angus beef is the main ingredient in their burgers, and they are served with brioche buns. Sandwiches, such as the Calabash wrap can be found. Sandwiches and burgers are around $10. There’s an entire menu for those looking for healthy food in a smaller amount. In addition to an entree, they have the most popular sides, including steaming broccoli and cinnamon apples and red-skinned mashed potatoes, and much more. They also have premium sides that are available, such as baked sweet potatoes as well as stone-ground cream cheese gritty. Foods can be served with a delectable dessert like traditional cheesecake Carolina fruit cobbler or dark dish choc chip cookies.

FATZ Cafe not only has an entire day of special pricing for customers “50 years young and up,” however, they also have a range of promotions and specials. They offer special take-away items like their Calabash N Dash that can provide a four-person family with a meal. They also cater for gatherings or tailgating, with a large variety of food items. With their community-oriented service and warm staff, FATZ makes a fantastic location to relax and feel comfortable.


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