Famous Dave’s Menu Prices 2021

Famous Dave’s Menu Prices

Famous Dave’s Menu Prices Famous Dave’s is a BBQ restaurant chain that is located in the United States. It serves barbecue that is authentic with tasty entrees and delicious sides. The business’s motto can be described as “Be Famous”. 

They strive to fulfill this goal by serving delicious and flavorful food with outstanding service. The restaurant offers high-end food served in a cozy and relaxed environment that is infused with the incredible scent of its own barbecue. The restaurant is dedicated to serving the finest barbecues in the nation.

Famous Dave’s Menu Prices 2021

Famous Dave’s utilizes only the best meats, and only the freshest of ingredients. Each day their pitmasters start the hickory logs burning at the crack of dawn in the early morning. They apply a hand-rubbed rub to each piece of meat using a fresh blend of spices before slow cooking for hours to reveal the original flavor. 

The ribs then go onto charcoal to cook the sauce and seal in the sweet, smoky flavor. The hard work involved in making the food is worth it because customers truly enjoy the delectable meals and come back to eat more.


The official name of this restaurant’s official name The official corporate name for the establishment is Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. The first restaurant was established at the end of 1994 in Hayward, Wisconsin by Dave Anderson a Native American with a passion for barbecue. 

The first restaurant was named Famous Dave’s of America. Dave Anderson, also known as “Famous Dave” was raised by barbecue enthusiasts. His father shared his love for barbecue. Famous Dave was a frequent visitor to different places which included Memphis, which is one of the Memphis Storefront BBQ smokehouses that were located in the Appalachians. He would spend many cooking sessions trying to perfect his technique until he was able to start his own barbecue restaurant located in Hayward, Wisconsin.

In the course of time, the chain grew throughout the Midwest through its own company locations and franchises. The second location opened at the end of 1995 and was located and was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The third location was inaugurated in Minneapolis in the year 1996. 

The company continued to expand after it went public in October of 1996. The restaurant also brought innovative concepts in the restaurant, like a barbecue shack, a roadhouse, a blues club, and hunting lodge themes. The restaurant even has an online shop that includes barbecue sauce, marinade, seasoning, and t-shirts. It also sells hats, hats books, music and gift cards, as well as gift sets.

Despite its growth, however, the company suffered massive losses and the value of its stock plummeted. It was 1997 when the business was through a change in management. Dave Anderson remained as chairman of the board of directors of the company. Douglas Lanham became the new chief executive officer, and Mark Payne became the new president. As time passed the company went through numerous layoffs as a result of unanticipated losses. In 2000,

the new chief executive and president director, Martin O’Dowd, focused on enhancing and expanding the business. One of his innovations was franchising for expansion.

The company made its first revenue during the fiscal year 2000 since the company went public in the year 1996. The company earned more than expected revenue in the initial quarter of 2001.

In April 2001 the company was operating 35 restaurants, with 10 franchises. At present, there are more than 200 restaurants in 33 states across the United States, including, for instance, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, North Dakota, New York, New Jersey, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming. The restaurant also has restaurants across Puerto Rico and Canada.


Famous Dave’s serves a variety of barbecued meats with delicious side dishes. Meat dishes include the beef brisket of chicken as well as pork ribs. There’s a wide selection of different barbecue sauces, including those of Sweet & Zesty, Rich & Sassy, Buffalo, and Devil’s Spit sauces. The restaurant’s award-winning ribs are available in two varieties which are The one that is St. Louis-styled spareribs as well as the Baby Back Ribs. They are Saint. Louis-styled spareribs cost at between $22 to $23 per complete slab 15 and $16 in a half-slab with $12 and $13 respectively for 1/3 slab. Baby back ribs cost in the range of $20 to $21 depending on a “big baby” and $14 and $15 for the “half baby”.

The classic menu items at the restaurant range between $12 and $13. The classics are the Texas beef briskets, the country-roasted chicken, the barbecue chicken, the chicken tenders, and the Sweetwater catfish as well as Cedar Plank Salmon traditional boneless wings, Georgia chopped pork and The Southside tips of the ribs. There’s also a broad range of combos that range between $5 and $23, and the brisket burger selection ranges from $7 to $12. The restaurant also has the option of a lunch menu, along with family-style choices, such as “feasts” and the “family to go” menu choices.

Also available are sandwiches, soups, salads as well as appetizers and sides. Appetizers cost from $7 to $9, soups and salads range at between $11 and $3, while sandwiches cost between $8-12; and the sides cost around $2-$3. The barbecued ends, the burnt ends pulled pork, and barbecue chicken is recommended. The beef brisket as well as the pork ribs are also popular by patrons. These “feasts” are recommended for large-scale gatherings. The most popular side dishes are Wilbur beans macaroni and cheese cole salad, potato salad, and cornbread.

The restaurant has a fantastic relaxing and casual atmosphere where guests can relax and have a delicious barbecue. The service is excellent and speedy. The customers will probably have an in-line wait during busy nights, however, they are able to accommodate large parties. The hygiene of the restaurant is excellent as the facilities are kept clean and in good order. The food is great and delicious. The portions are huge while the dishes are delicious and full of delicious flavor. Overall, it’s an excellent place to take barbecue enthusiasts and an unforgettable experience for those looking to taste barbeque for the first time.

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