Wynn Buffet Menu Prices-2021

Wynn Buffet Menu Prices

Buffet Menu The Buffet at Wynn has come out much better since its revamp and its food outlets now include more than 100 different dishes and desserts. This is where you should go to eat, drink, and have fun, as well as see and be noticed by others. The end of the DIY food stands opened the door for the growing popularity of prepared-to-order meals and plates of food. Buffet Menu 

Wynn Buffet Menu Prices

The Wynn Buffet rates are more expensive than the norm and that’s due to the food quality is top-notch. Additionally, there are plenty of various menu options. Buffet Menu 

The buffet also includes different ethnic cuisines so that those who are looking for more exotic or familiar meals It all depends of obviously, on what’s a common and not for your taste There are more options. The food offerings are upgraded to gourmet quality on weekends, often with main dishes such as a whole roast pork suckling. The food and desserts are also free of nuts and nut-free, which is quite different from other buffets that are available in Las Vegas.

The food stations offer cuts of beef, soups, tacos, salads, and seafood. There are also stations for Latin American, Italian, and comfort American food items. Make sure to look over the drink selections, too, or, even better opt for an Endless Pour option for all-you-can-drink drinks. Buffet Menu 

Below are the most up-to-date Wynn Buffet menu prices.



Monday-Friday, 7:30am-11am

Adults (Per Person) (Breakfast) $24.99
Children (3-8 Years Old) (Per Child) (Breakfast) $12.50
Children (2 and Under) (Per Child) (Breakfast) $0.00


Monday-Friday, 11am-3:30pm

Adults (Per Person) (Lunch) $27.99
Children (3-8 Years Old) (Per Child) (Lunch) $14.00
Children (2 and Under) (Per Child) (Lunch) $0.00


Monday-Friday, 3:30pm-9:30pm

Adults (Per Person) (Dinner) $42.99
Children (3-8 Years Old) (Per Child) (Dinner) $21.50
Children (2 and Under) (Per Child) (Dinner) $0.00

Gourmet Brunch

Saturday-Sunday, 7:30am-3:30pm

Adults (Per Person) (Gourmet Brunch) $35.99
Children (3-8 Years Old) (Per Child) (Gourmet Brunch) $18.00
Children (2 and Under) (Per Child) (Gourmet Brunch) $0.00

Gourmet Dinner

Friday-Saturday, 3:30pm-9:30pm

Adults (Per Person) (Gourmet Dinner) $49.99
Children (3-8 Years Old) (Per Child) (Gourmet Dinner) $25.00
Children (2 and Under) (Per Child) (Gourmet Dinner) $0.00

Endless Pours Package

Draft Beef, Wine, Mimosa, and More (Per Person) $19.00
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If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas, then you imagine the buffet whenever the subject of dining in the city is discussed. In the end, the city’s goal is to make you feel like you’re a winner which is how the majority of people think about the dining experience. Of the numerous buffets that are available in Las Vegas (and there are many), Wynn Buffet is among the most highly rated. Buffet Menu 

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The industry insiders also agree that they’re top-quality. This is that’s why Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association has chosen that the Buffet in Wynn for The “Best Buffet” in Las Vegas. It’s an enormous honor. It’s a big deal. Wynn Buffet has earned a reputation for its elegant buffets that are consistently delicious, that is accompanied by a light and peaceful dining space. The restaurant was upgraded in 2015, ensuring that the dining experience is more enjoyable.

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Wynn Buffet Menu Prices Brief History

The Buffet at Wynn started in the mid-2000s. It’s only one of the restaurants located at Wynn Las Vegas Resort. This is only fitting, as the resort was built at $2.7 billion, and is the main property that is part of Wynn Resorts. It’s among the best hotels in the world and it’s only right that it has a variety of eating choices.

The Food Buffet at Wynn quickly earned an excellent reputation and quickly became a regular on a variety of lists of the top food options within Las Vegas. It’s not only about the gorgeously airy entrance, with its lovely flowers. It’s also about the high quality of the food served and the wide range of choices.

The place was renovated in 2015 and it’s much better. You can sample different various flavors from around the globe, with cost that is surprisingly low. The upgrade included 120 (yes that’s 100 and 20) new products, meaning that basically, you can find nearly everything you’d like.

What They’re Famous For

The restaurant is famous for its extremely relaxing dining experience that you can enjoy as well as a vast array of foods to choose from. It’s all great food too. You can choose from dishes that are typically found in a posh establishment, therefore if an enthusiast of fine dining you’ll be satisfied. There’s sushi and roast Peking duck and five unique spices. Meatballs are made from lamb, as well as eggs Benedict made of crab cake. Pizzas can be garnished with Atlantic salmon.

Yet you’ve got your unique options as well. One of the dishes that got the most excitement when it first appeared following the upgrade was the pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce. What’s special about this recipe is that the recipe comes from the family of Frank Sinatra!

While there are certainly choices for those who are health conscious but the Buffet at Wynn will probably lure you with its delicious selection of delicious desserts. It’s as if you’re in Candyland or the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. If you’re an expert in the field of pastries and desserts, then explore the molten chocolate cake and the guava panna cotta. Do you have children with you? It’s no issue. There are candy apples and marshmallows coated with chocolate.

The selection of ice creams alone is worth a stop because the variety of options rivals the ones you will find at Cold Stone Creamery. Every day, there are around a dozen or so flavors to pick from, and some are quite exotic. Some flavors you might want to try (since you can’t get them in other places) comprise soy cherries chocolate chips, sea salt caramel truffle as well as matcha tea.

There’s also an unreserved bar which is an incarnation of paradise for people who take part. A glass of champagne at this location will cost around $11. However, during the two days of the Endless Pours promo, you can enjoy all the beers drinks, special cocktails, sangrias mimosas, champagne, and sparkling wines you’d like.

Why Eat Here

There’s a chance that you’ll have to queue for a half-hour before you get the food you want. It’s actually a positive choice, as in some locations, the line for the buffet will make you wait for up to two hours. For us, at least at The Buffet in the Wynn, It’s definitely worth the waiting.

There are 15 live-action cooking stations and 365 meals that are prepared and served with the greatest attention to detail. The food’s quality is comparable to that of a fine dining restaurant and is complemented by the lavish surroundings.

But the atmosphere is informal and casual. It is easy to breathe in this place, wearing your “resort casual” attire. Enjoy a relaxing time with your family and friends and relax in the relaxed atmosphere. Even if you’re determined stay away from unhealthy choices The Wynn Buffet has you covered with salads, white and red Quinoa, and juices pressed.

The prices are cheap, with breakfasts for kids being just $10. Even for adults on weekends, the meal will cost around $40. You can pay extra to be in the early, and pay a few dollars to enjoy the champagne and mimosas and you’ll be prepared for a dinner that you will truly delight in. Buffet Menu 


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