Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar Menu Prices -2021

About Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

A Chain of Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar restaurants is a refreshing departure from the norm! Every restaurant serves its customers with burgers that are chef-driven, as well as salads, sandwiches along with an entire service, elegant and lively atmosphere. The concept of the small box is a sharp contrast to the big box design used by many fast-food chains, certainly can be used to your advantage.

Since the opening of the first store in 2007, the company’s management and its chefs remain true to the principles that the company’s name represents. In the past decade, the commitment of the chain has paid off in number of locations across Colorado, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The combination of delicious sandwiches, burgers, special drinks, draft beer and surprisingly affordable Prices at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is the key to its popularity.

Customers can also personalize their sandwiches and burgers, which is not available in fast-food chains in addition to the fact that each food item available is worth the cost. Visit for lunch or dinner, and then come back with a relaxed mind.

Below are the most recent prices for the Bad Dad’s The latest Burger Bar price list.

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Menu Prices -2021


Popular Items

 Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids* $15.86
 Magic Mushroom Burger* $14.00
 Emilio’s Chicken $14.40
 Fried Mozzarella Burger* $12.77
 Pittsburgher Burger* $12.70
 BA-“CON” Queso $9.32
 Stella’s Greek Salad $12.60


 Fried Pickles $8.70
 Chicken Wings $12.82
 Daddy’s Nachos $13.20
 Not Your Mama’s Deviled Eggs $5.50
 Daddy’s Sliders* $10.63
 Housemade Potato Chips $6.53
 Steakhouse Onion Rings $7.73
 Truffle Parmesan Fries $6.52
 Green Chile Cheese Tots $7.61
 Sweet Potato Fries $4.38
 Hand-cut French Fries $4.39
 Tater Tots $4.38


 Bad Ass Burger* $15.92
 BD’S All American* $11.38
 Bistro Burger* $14.76
 Pastrami Burger* $14.62
 Sam I Am Burger* $13.65
 Nick’s Patty Melt* $12.36
 Classic Southern Burger* $12.18
 Daddy’s Philly* $12.91
 Pastrami Reuben Burger* $14.07
 Smokehouse Burger* $14.22
 Western Burger* $16.22

Non Burger Burgers

 Buffalo Chicken $12.89
 California Chicken $14.26
 Chicken Club $13.26
 The Frenchie $13.02
 Cantina Black Bean Burger $11.02
 Maui Tuna* $14.21

Giant Chopped Salads

CYO Large Salad $11.50
CYO Small Salad $7.93
 Texican Chicken Salad $13.35
 Thai Chicken Salad $13.50


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $3.79
Strawberry Lemonade $4.34
Iced Tea $3.24
Pepsi® $3.24
Sweet Tea $3.22
Coke® $3.25
Diet Pepsi® $3.24
Diet Coke® $3.25
Sierra Mist® $3.24
Coke Zero® $3.25
Mountain Dew® $3.24
Mug® Root Beer $3.24
Sprite® $3.25
Barqs® Root Beer $3.25
Dr Pepper® $3.23
Diet Dr Pepper® $3.24
Ginger Ale $3.24

Kids Menu

 Kid’s Tenders $6.03
 Kid’s Slider $6.03
 Kid’s Grilled Cheese $6.03
 Kid’s Dog $6.03

Shakes and Desserts

Vanilla Shake $5.58
Chocolate Shake $5.58
Strawberry Shake $5.58
 Chunky Elvis $6.24
 BD Snickered $6.22
 Cookies & Cream $6.19
Build your Own Shake $6.22
 Banana Pudding $6.51
Salted Caramel Pretzel $6.28
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Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar Prices

The idea of a burger restaurant isn’t a common sight across America. The United States, especially as there are already many fast-food chains with a focus on burgers in the US. Also, hamburgers are the most popular American food item that is served in all homes, from the wealthy to the average, but with different variations.

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However, the Bad Dad’s Burger Bar concept has definitely gained traction in the American public’s consciousness, and for good reason. The burgers strike the perfect combination of the traditional and the fresh meaty and healthy, as well as the delicious and filling.


First Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar opened in 2007 along East Boulevard in Charlotte, North Carolina. The owners attributed the bar’s immediate success to the concept of cooking simple American dishes that combines a passion for food that was not before applied to it. The resultant foods which were most well-known was hamburgers, fulfilled a desire among customers.

The same year, there was a second Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar location was opened as well. In 2012, the company comprised five locations – and in every city in which it served its food the most common response was, “Wow!”

In 2017 the chain was comprised of 20 restaurants across North Carolina, South Carolina in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Colorado. The management is continuing to increase the number of locations it has and, in the near future, you might discover your city is home to one of its restaurants.

What They’re Known For

Like its name suggests it, as the name suggests, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar chain is known for its selection of really delicious hamburgers. The quality is so high of its burgers that they have received numerous awards and honors from Denver’s Dining Out, Charlotte Magazine and Nation’s restaurant news.

The burgers might be the main attraction, but the amazing beers, specialty cocktails and delicious desserts are very popular.

Why Eat Here

If you’re looking for delicious and filling hamburgers that McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A aren’t able to satisfy, then look into the nearest Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar restaurant. You will likely come across a selection of hamburgers that satisfy your desire for juicy burgers topped with fresh vegetables, tasty buns and tasty toppings.

There’s a wide selection of burgers at every restaurant! They have the Bad Ass Burger is such an incredibly badass burger with its massive 10-ounce fresh beef patty, grilled to perfection, homemade American cheese and buttermilk-fried bacon that is topped with lettuce, tomato and pickle The horseradish mayo gives some spice. The BD’s All-American Burger is a hit with American tastes with its large beef patty, served with lettuce shredded tomatoes, red onions and pickles topped with ketchup and yellow mustard to add flavor.

You must get for the Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids, particularly if you enjoy bacon crisp with your beef patties. The bun is stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, several pieces of applewood smoked bacon , jalapeno bacon, as well as a variety of kinds of vegetables, all covered with the finest bacon mayo in town. This is bacon and beef in a jiffy, with no overwhelming feeling.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is well-known for its distinctive variations on the classic burger. The Smokehouse is one of them. Smokehouse Burger, which is a delight that is perfect for anyone who loves pork. It comes with its succulent pulled pork, spicy pepper jack cheese, as well as apple-bacon BBQ sauce , with onion straws as toppings. Other burger favorites are The Sam I AM Burger, Pittsburgher Burger, Nick’s Patty Melt, Mama Ricotta’s Burger, and Pastrami Reuben Burger.

Beef patties aren’t just the primary one on the menu. The chicken lovers will find some of the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Emilio’s Chicken Sandwich, and the Frenchie Burger just as satisfying and healthier than hamburgers made from beef. There’s also a vegetarian-friendly burger known as it’s called the Cantina Burger, and a fish burger, known as”the Maui Tuna Burger.

The burgers taste great as a stand-alone meal. However, you can combine them with salads as well as cocktails or a drink. For the Texican Chicken Salad, Texican Chicken Salad and the Asian Salad are bestsellers because of their excellent taste.

Take a look at the happy hours also, typically between 3PM and 6PM and from 8PM to closing time. For hand-cut fries, you can purchase and chips with queso and pastrami or burger sliders at a lower cost.

Of of course, you’re not only in the bar for the tasty food. It’s also a bad Daddy’s Burger Bar due to the people who visit and the location it self. You’ll discover that it’s an excellent location to hang out with friends and family.

Remember that this is a burger joint which means that the patrons are mostly adult with a few teens and youngsters. The bar serves alcoholic beverages from craft beers to special cocktails, as well as typical drinks like the soft drink and fruits. The eateries offer a stylish, trendy and casual atmosphere that draws young professionals, and families that would like great burgers and like without digging deep within their pocket.

To learn more about Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar or to find a location near you, visit their website at


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