Argo Tea Menu Prices-2021

About Argo Tea

The company was established in June 2003 in Chicago, Illinois, Argo Tea is an international chain of tea-concentric cafes with branches across the United States. The menu features a wide variety of cold and hot tea-based drinks that are signature to the brand. The tea selections include white, black, and green along with herbal teas that are natural. Additionally, there are greater than 3 dozen loose leaf teas that are sourced from overseas sources which means that customers can choose from more options than they would in a traditional tea shop. Argo Tea Menu Prices-2021

Argo Tea Menu Prices-2021

Teas are also sold through Whole Foods Market stores. There is a range of flavors of tea-based beverages available in cafes and retail stores. Argo Tea is one of them. Argo Prices for tea are quite affordable in both places.

Although teas are the main product, Argo Tea also has various specialty items that go well with the beverages. They include sandwiches, pastries, French quiches, and salads. There are also Special-tea Foods, which include tea-infused foods such as Teapot Grains Tea Bites as well as Meanie Paganini.

There are many titles of audio CDs covering a variety of topics, and teaware and other accessories like the latest tea-making equipment, high-tech infusers for tea, cups, and tea kettles.

Argo Tea markets its products in a way that is based on the lifestyle that is based on sustainability and contemporary design. Argo Tea is known for its efforts to make tea as an alternative to caffeinated beverages, soft drinks, and others.

Below are the most recent Argo Tea menu prices.


Seasonal Specials

 Jasmine Samosa $5.25
 Pumpkin Spice Muffin $3.05
Pumpkin Spice Bubble Tea $4.38
 Soyuz Darjeeling Cold Brew $5.25
 Green Tea White Jasmine $3.25
 Hazelnut Chan $3.05
 Creamy Iced Coffee $5.02
 White Peach Tea $2.94
 Pulled Pork Kim-chi Slider $2.72
 Mango Ginger Tea Bite $2.79
 Tamarind Thai Iced Tea $4.85
 Mango Machinate Smote $4.85
 White Tea Mango Bubble Tea $5.15
 White Frosted Chocolate $5.02

Signature Drinks

 Carolina Honey $4.42
 Hibiscus Apple Cider $4.38
 Green Tea Ginger Twist $4.44
 Chan $4.42
 Earl Grey Vanilla Creme $4.39
 Chocolate Mint $4.10
 Mate Late $4.21
 Match a Vanilla Latte $4.44
 Cappuccino Build Your Own $3.96
 “Build Your Own” Cappuccino $3.88
 Hibiscus Lemonade $4.52
 Motivate $4.42
 “Build Your Own” Tea Sparkle $3.88
 Hibiscus Tea Sangria $4.48
 “Build Your Own” Tea Squeeze $3.88
 Tea Sparkle Build Your Own $3.91
 Tea Squeeze Build Your Own $3.94
 Kochab Green Tea Ginger Twist $4.19
 Kochab Hibiscus Cider $4.19
 Kochab Motivate $4.19
 Kochab Build Your Own $4.19
 Black Tea Coconut Bubble Tea $5.06
 Green Tea Raspberry Bubble Tea $5.06
 Bubble Tea Build Your Own $4.43

Lunch Favorites

 Roasted Tomato & Spinach Paganini $5.58
 Chicken Pesto Paganini $5.88
 Turkey Apple Brie Paganini $5.99
Italiano Slider $2.59

Tea Classics

 Black Tea $2.96
 Green Tea $2.96
 Earl Grey Tea $2.60
 Red Tea $2.74
 Roosts Gobi Berry $3.10
 White Tea $2.96
 Armenian Mint Tea $2.60
Earl Grey $3.07
 Fruit Sangria Tea $2.60
 Hibiscus Apple Tea $2.55
Armenian Mint $3.07
 Energize Black Tea $2.84
Ginger Peach $3.15
Hibiscus Apple $2.77
Spiced White Turmeric Tea $2.80
 Toasted Cocoa Cinnamon Black Tea $3.19
Barista’s Choice $3.15
Seasonal $3.45
Custom Cup $3.45

Coffee and Alternatives

 Depth Charge $3.12
 Cappuccino $3.78
 Espresso Double Shot $2.50
 Espresso Machination Double shot $2.50

Fresh Bakery

 Spinach & Feta Bistro Savory $3.47
 Chocolate Croissant $2.99
 Oatmeal Cookie $2.44
 Plain Croissant $2.97
 Apricot Turnover $3.23
 Parmesan Leek Bistro Savory $3.53
 Bistro Savory-Leek Parmesan $3.51
 Bistro Savory-Spinach and Feta $3.51
 Banana Nut Muffin $3.03
 Blueberry Muffin $3.03
 Double Chocolate Muffin $3.08
 Green Tea Muffin $3.03
 Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin $3.04
 Raspberry Turnover $2.95
 Caramel Brownie $3.52
 Flax Seed Raw Bar $3.58
 Bistro Savory – Leek Parmesan $3.42
 Pomegranate Raw Bar $3.59
 Bistro Savory – Spinach & Feta $3.42
 Chi Blueberry Raw Bar $3.58
 Apple Tart $4.75
 Eclair-Match Vanilla $2.75
 Eclair-Chocolate Walnut $2.75
 Gluten-free Caramel Brownie $3.55
 Blueberry Chi Raw Bar $3.54
 Eclair-Espresso $2.75
Cinnamon Roll $3.28
Maple Pecan Danish $3.53
 Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.51
 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $2.52
Chocolate Macron $2.04
Pistachio Macron $2.04
Raspberry Macron $2.04
Vanilla Macron $2.04
 Cranberry Cinnamon Muffin $3.00

Tea Squeeze

Hibiscus Tea Squeeze $4.75

Breakfast Favorites

 Roasted Ham & Swiss Sunrise Breakfast Paganini $5.10
 Sunrise Breakfast Paganini Roasted Tomato $5.05
 Roasted Tomato Sunrise Breakfast Paganini $5.10
 Smoked Ham Breakfast Paganini $4.95
 Sunrise Breakfast Paganini Roasted Ham and Swiss $5.05
 Mixed Berry Parfait $4.45
 Green Tea Parfait $4.45
 Strawberry Banana Parfait $4.45
Sunrise Breakfast Paganini – Roasted Tomato $4.95
 Chicken Double Egg Bite $4.03
 Veggie Double Egg Bite $4.03

Coffee & Alternatives

 Coffee of the Day $2.54
Espresso $2.00
 Cold Press Coffee $3.40
 Latte $4.01
 Mocha $4.40
 Perrier $2.25
 American $2.62
Hot Chocolate $2.96
Bottled Water $1.95
 Cup of Milk $2.75

Paganini and Sliders

 Roasted Tomato and Spinach Panning $4.61
 Red Pepper, Chicken and Brie Paganini $3.64
 Smoked Turkey Panning $3.76
Turkey Apple Brie Slider $2.70
 Chicken Pesto Slider $2.55
Italiano Brioche Slider $2.65
Veggie Breakfast Brioche Slider $2.55
Veggie Breakfast Slider $2.55
 Half Panning and Salad $7.70


 Chickpea Salad $5.51
 Garden Lentil Salad $5.51

Panning & Sliders

 Red Pepper Chicken Brie Slider $2.75
Combine any 2 Sliders $5.25
Combine any 3 Sliders $7.35
 Pick Two Special $8.75
 Smoked Turkey Slider $2.80

Seasonal Coffee

 Ho Ho Mint Mocha $5.05
Pumpkin Latte Hot $4.15
Pumpkin Latte Iced $2.55
 Reindeer Blend $2.44

Caribou Coffee

Drip Coffee $2.75
Cold Press $3.65
Espressos $2.75
Machination $2.38

Argo Tea Menu With Prices

According to research tea is the 2nd most popular beverage consumed around the globe and I believe that every person enjoys drinking tea. Today I’m here to help tea drinkers who would like to experience different types of tea. I’m here to tell you about the Argo Tea Cafe, which deals with nearly every type of tea.

The menu at Argo Tea includes an array of teas including white tea, black tea Armenian mint, tea green as well as raspberry bubble tea and earl gray. They also have delicious lunch and breakfast choices like smoked ham breakfast panic, salad of garden lentils and a lot ​​​​more for you to try.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll inform you about Argo Tea Tea Menu prices as well as contact details along with franchise information and the breakdown of nutrition of the items in the Argo Tea Menu. Let’s get the complete information. In the beginning, I’ll give you a little insight into the history behind Argo Tea.

Argo Tea is an American-based tea cafe chain that was established with the help of Arden Avian Daniel Wassermann and Simon Pianissimo in 2003. The first store they opened was located at 958 West Hermitage Avenue on the intersection of Sheffield Avenue in Chicago. From that point, the business has been able to open over 26 locations.

Argo Tea Menu Prices

Argo Tea menu includes their signature drinks, which serve Carolina honey as well as hibiscus apple cider and green tea ginger twist and will also offer tea classics, team-specific meals, tea beverages in bottles as well as coffee. Many consider Argo Tea to be an alternative to the Starbucks of Tea.

They also have grocery stores in which they offer their tea collection as well as loose tea leaves tea sachets, teasers, teasers, and accessories along with gifts. Argo Tea encourages people to join the eco-sustainable business model, which includes reusable services like ceramic mugs, plates, etc.

Argo Tea price ranges range between $1-$8 and I’m sure everyone would love to go to this cafe because they’ll be mindful of the environment and offer affordable prices. So, before you wait, go through our Argo Tea menu and costs.

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